21 Savage Net Worth and Biography (updated 2023)

21 Savage, whose name is Sheyaa Bin Abraham Joseph, is an American rapper. He is also a songwriter and record producer from eastside Atlanta. According to Forbes, 21 Savage has a net worth of 15 Million USD.

In this article, we will review all 21 savage assets. Read to the end to learn more about 21 savage earnings and spending.

21 Savage Net Worth

21 savage current net worth is 15 Million USD.

Last five years’ net worth

Year Net Worth
2023 15 Million USD
2022 14 Million USD
2021 12 Million USD
2020 10.9 Million USD
2019 9 Million USD

21 Savage Net Worth Graph

Investments and Income Sources

21 savage is a star who has gained fame in a short period. He is an American rapper who has done fabulous work.

Moreover, he released his first hit song, slaughter tape, on May 25, 2015, and this became a hit song. The release made him called the underground hero in Atlanta.

In July 2015, he released a collaborative free Gowon with Sony Digital, a tribute EP to fellow rapper and influencer Gucci Mane.

On December 1, 2015, he released the second hit song, mixtape Slaughter king. In 2016, 21 Savage was named one of the freshman classes of 2016.

21 savage is a successful singer in the world. He also owns quiet properties in America and also in England. 21 savage owns a house in Atlanta and one in Los Angeles. He also has a real estate in London, where he was born. 21 Savage owns several other properties yet to be said on air.

21 savage is a tech investor. He invested in sound XYZs. According to tech crunch, 21 Savage has invested $5 million in the capital to help artists get money through (non-fungible token) NFTs.

In 2018, the rapper said he was done investing money in jewelry and cars and wanted to invest in long-term investments like real estate and startups.

He partnered with Georgia congressman Johnson to expand the ‘bank account’ national financial literacy campaign.

21 Savage LP owns his masters, and he also owns every song he has ever written. 21 savage has a 70/30 split with (Epic Records) his label.

Walking alongside girlfriend AMBER rose in 2017, even carried a poster written am a hoe, at the slut walk. This was a women empowerment event. This shows he also values women.

Car collection

Because of his wealth, Savage has a collection of vehicles. Around 7 to 8 vehicles and all expensive car collections cost around 81.23 million.

Being a pop star, 21 savage has a collection of the most expensive vehicles. The number collection is Ferrari 488GTB, which costs $303,000.

Secondly, he owns a Lamborghini urus twin turbo v-8 that produces 641 house power. It cost around $220,000. However, he still owns a Bentley with 4.1 liters v eight engines, which costs around $185,000.

Last but not least, he owns a Mercedes, which costs $200,000 and speed is of 60mps in 4.7 seconds. He also has a classic Chevrolet Camaro, which is a legendary muscle car that costs fortunes.

His car collection summary

Car collection:

  • Ferrari-$303,000
  • Lamborghini-$220,000
  • Bentley-$185,000
  • Mercedes-$200,000
  • Chevrolet Camaro-$61000

6 figure bed

21 savage spent $100,000 on a bed. It sounds odd, but more likely, many others spend a lot on such. During 2018 savage spent a lot in January, but recently, he changed.

Early life

21 savage was Born in Plaistow, London but moved to Atlanta with his mom at the age of seven. He grew up with his other siblings, and this was after their parents divorced.

They moved to Atlanta with their mom while their father remained in London. But Savage always goes to London to visit his father.

Emerging from the poorest communities in Atlanta, 21 savages dropped out of school to sell drugs. This led to his childhood surrounded by crime, gang violence, and juvie.

He was blacklisted from all schools in Atlanta because of gun possession in school, and this made him be sent to juvie. On his 21st birthday, there was a shooting by a rival gang.

21 savage being shot six times still survived, but he lost his dear friend. This led him to seek refuge in the studio.


Savage was convicted of felony drug abuse in October 2014 in Georgia.

In 2018, started a movement called “guns down,” paintballs up. This reduced state gun violence by encouraging the use of paintball guns instead of firearms. Controversy arose after pulling out a gun during a pull party.

His lyrics I Am caused controversies, but he came out to apologize for the same. This was a result of a missed concert he was paid to attend but missed. He was also accused of theft by deception, where he presented himself to the authorities in response to a warrant for arrest for felony theft.

The last controversies were of 12 savage and drake accused of using vogue for using the name vogue without permission to promote their collaborative album.

Personal life

21 savage was born in London in October. He started dating model Amber Rose in June 2017 but separated in May 2018. In October 2017, savage began flying lessons in a Cirrus SR20 single-engine aircraft.

21 Savage Biography Summary

Date of birth October 22nd 1992
Age  30
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Libra
Net worth  15 Million USD
Height 6'0''
Weight 72 kgs
Profession Rapper
Nationality British, American
Parents Heather Joseph and Kevin’s Emmons
Birth Place London UK
Relationship Status Divorced
No of Children Three: two sons one daughter
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Dark Brown

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old is 21 savage?

He is 30 years old

2. What is savage net worth?

21 Savage net worth is around 15 Million USD. He became rich thanks to his music career.

3. Is 21 savage married?

No 21 savage is single.

4. What kind of cars does 21 savage drive?

Just like most rappers, Savage loves hype cars. His garage consists of cars such as Ferrari, McLaren, Lexus, Chevrolet, and Camaro.

5. How many children does savage have?

Three: two sons one daughter


21 Savage is a household name in the world of music and rapping. His music opened doors for investments and change. Currently, his net worth is 15 Million USD. 21 Savage music is his biggest contributor as of today.

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