Bam Adebayo Biography, Age, Family, and Net Worth (updated 2023)

Bam Adebayo is an NBA basketball player for the Miami Heat. He plays as the center-back due to his tall height, which comes in handy while defending.

This NBA basketball player’s net worth is approximately 7 Million USD. Let’s take a look at this upcoming famous basketball player’s life.

Bam Adebayo Net Worth, Contracts, and Salary

Bam Adebayo’s current net worth is estimated to be 7 Million USD. His income comes from NBA contracts and other sources like endorsements.

Bam Adebayo Net Worth over the Past Years

Year Net Worth
2023 7 Million USD
2022 6. 8 Million USD
2021 6 Million USD
2020 5.4 Million USD
2019 4.3 Million USD

Bam Adebayo Net Worth Graph


Adebayo is an NBA player who started playing in his junior season. While in senior school, playing for his college. He made the teams he played for, winning titles.

Adebayo has a net worth of 7 Million USD. The Miami heat selected him in 2017 since he has been playing for the same team (Miami Heat).

Adebayo has made a huge sum of money. This Miami Heat center player’s main source of income is his salary. Furthermore, Adebayo makes extra income from endorsements and brand promotion. He also has a real estate company apart from his profession.

Bam Adebayo once won a gold medal in the Olympics, making him one of the leading players on the team. Adebayo makes millions on an annual basis. Additionally, as several teams compete, who will retain him, making the Heat renew his contract and spend more on top of that.

Adebayo’s breakout in the 2017-2018 season resulted from several factors; His improved shooting accuracy allowed him to average more points and rebounds while reducing his turnovers, making him a basketballer superstar.

In addition, Adebayo’s improved play in the post allowed him to dominate opposing defenders. Hence, he is a punishing defender who can throw down thunderous dunks.

Looking forward, Adebayo will continue to develop his game. He will need to improve his outside shooting to become a perennial All-Star and win an NBA championship.

Basketball players’ income varies greatly depending on their skills and experience. As well as the team they play, some players earn very little, while others make a substantial amount of money. Adebayo Bam makes an earning for his defensive skill, and as it is known, he plays for a big team (Miami Heat)

Adebayo Cars and Real Estate

Adebayo has got several posh cars in his garage. This center-player car collection includes a Rolls-Royce Wraith, a Lamborghini, hurricane, Ferrari 458, an Audi a8 and Rolls-Royce Wraith. a Bentley, a Porsche Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport, and a Tesla Model X.

Adebayo is the most promising young player in the NBA. His company, Bamco Properties, manages Adebayo’s real estate investments. He also owns a home in Coral Gables, Florida, valued at $5 million, including a luxury condo in Miami.

Adebayo plans to continue investing in real estate and grow his car collection portfolio. He is also interested in starting a family foundation.

Since being drafted into the NBA in 2017, Bam Adebayo has had quite a successful career. The young basketballer has already made a name for himself and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

He also has a few more affordable cars, like a Tesla Model S and a Jeep Wrangler. As for his real estate portfolio, Bam also owns properties in Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City.

His successful career, impressive car collection, and real estate prove he is a hardworking young fellow. With even more success sure to come his way, we can only imagine what else Bam will be able to add to his already impressive resume.

Car Collection Summary

Adebayo cars include; Bentley, Lamborghini, hurricane, Ferrari 458, Audi a8, and Rolls-Royce wraith a hose.

  • Audi i8 -$116900
  • Range Rover- $150000

Early Life

Bam Adebayo is an American professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He was born on July 18, 1997, in Newark, New Jersey, and grew up in Houston, Texas, with her mother.

He is the son of Marilyn Blount and John Adebayo. A Nigerian-born father and an African-American mother. Bam grew up playing basketball and football. He attended school at Pilgrim Academy in Warwick.

In high school, he played basketball for Northside High School in Warner Robins, Georgia. He was named first-team All-State and was a McDonald’s All-American. While in high school at Rhode Island, ESPN ranked him as a top-10 recruit.

Later in college, Adebayo played his college basketball for the University of Kentucky. He played one season of college basketball at the University of Kentucky.

This star was named SEC Defensive Player of the Year while he was a freshman and helped Kentucky reach the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament. He was of age; therefore, he declared for the NBA draft. Bam was selected 14th overall by the Miami Heat in the 2017 NBA draft.

In the 2019-2020 season, Adebayo broke out as a superstar player. He averaged 15.9 points and 10.2 rebounds per game, earning his first All-Star selection. Adebayo has continued to be one of the Heat’s best players over the past two seasons.

He averaged 6.9 points and 5.5 rebounds per game as a rookie and was titled the NBA All-Rookie Second Team. In his second season, Adebayo emerged as a key player for the Heat, averaging 13.5 points, 10.2 rebounds, and 1.5 blocks per game.

He was named an NBA All-Star for the first time in 2020 and helped lead the Heat to the NBA Finals that same year. On top of that, Bam has two older sisters who both played basketball at the collegiate level.

Adebayo Achievement and Awards

Since he started playing basketball, Adebayo has worn various accolades and awards.

  • In 2016 he was named North Carolina Mr. Basketball
  • In 2016 he was given the title of McDonald’s All-American
  • SEC All-Freshman team (2017)
  • Second-team All-SEC (2017)
  • 2020 he was named NBA All-Star
  • Most Improved Player runner-up 2020
  • NBA All-Defensive Team 2020


Since being drafted in 2017, Bam Adebayo has been the subject of a few controversies. In 2018, he was accused of tampering with his draft eligibility, which he denied. In 2019, he was involved in a fight with fellow NBA player Kelly Oliynyk.

Most recently, in 2020, he was criticized for attending a party during the NBA bubble. The most notable one came in 2018 when he was accused of making an inappropriate gesture toward a fan during a game.

Adebayo denied the accusations, but the fan insisted that he did it. Leading to a lot of back-and-forth between the two parties, with Adebayo apologizing for the incident.

However, many people still believe that he did nothing wrong and that the fan was looking for attention.

Adebayo’s other controversies include getting into a shouting match with another player during a game and being accused of elbowing another player in the head during a scuffle.

These incidents eventually cleared up, but they added to Adebayo’s reputation as a hothead. In 2018, he was fined for violating the NBA’s anti-flopping rules.

In 2019, he was involved in a scuffle with Philadelphia center Joel Embiid. Lastly, in 2020, he was criticized for not shaking hands with Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James after the Heat lost in the NBA Finals.

Personal life

Bam Adebayo has a charity foundation working towards children and single mothers called the rice Adebayo Foundation Inc. he was inspired by her mother, who raised him alone in a simple beginning.

Bam Adebayo is not dating. He is single as he is focused on his career. But he was once in a relationship, but we do not know the details.

What to know about Adebayo?

  • His real name is Edrice Femi Adebayo.
  • Adebayo is an American professional basketball player for the Miami heat.
  • The Heat selected him with the 14th overall pick in the 2017 NBA.

Bam Adebayo biography summary

Date of birth July 18, 1997
Age 26 years old
Gender Male
Zodiac sign cancer
Net worth  7 Million USD
Height 2.06m
Nationality American
Relationship single
Weight 116 kg
No of children None
Hair Color black

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many children does Bam Adebayo have?

Bam Adebayo has no kids, he is still single, so concentration goes on his career.

2. How old is Adebayo?

The Nigerian basketball player was Born on the 18th of July 1997. He is 26 years old as of now.

3. The net worth of Bam Adebayo?

Bam Adebayo plays as a center for the Miami heat, and it’s estimated that the NBA star net worth is 7 Million USD.

4. What year was Bam Adebayo drafted?

According to NBA Draft, he was the 14th player to be picked by the Miami Heat in the 2017 NBA draft, with 92 points in various categories.


Bam Adebayo still needs to work on his misstatement. Otherwise, this shows he has gained the spotlight with his game in the NBA rankings. His hard work has made him several endorsements and deals, and he will be more famous in the coming years as he is a young player.

In other words, this superstar has worked himself up to be where he is, and we believe more will come in his future career.

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