Bradley Beal Biography, Age, Family and Net Worth (updated 2023)

Bradley Beal was conceived in St. Louis, Missouri, near the confluence of the Mississippi and the Missouri Rivers, on June 28, 1993. Bradley was born to Besta and Bobby Beal, alongside his brothers, who play college football. His current net worth is estimated to be about 75 Million USD.

He chose to follow his talent for playing basketball. He attended Chaminade College in St. Louis, Missouri. Bradley Beal is a professional basketballer in the US. The 30 years old plays for the , a National Basketball Association (NBA) member.

Bradley Beal used to play college basketball for the Florida Gators. That is where the Washington Wizards picked him in the 2012 NBA draft. In 2013, the NBA All-Rookie First Team picked Bradley Beal, a three-time NBA All-Star.

Bradley Beal Net Worth

Bradley Beal net worth this year is estimated to be about 75 Million USD.

Let’s review his net worth over the last five years.

Year Net Worth
2023 75 Million USD
2022 71 Million USD
2021 68 Million USD
2020 65 Million USD
2019 58 Million USD

Bradley Beal Net Worth Graph

Professional career

Bradley Beal started his professional career at a very young age. During high school, he participated in the under-17 championship games in the 2010 FIBA. Bradley later joined college.

He committed himself to the University of Florida Gators, and later 2011-2012, he pronounced that he would play for the Gators. In his first debut at Florida, Bradley scored 14 points and was later named freshman of the week. He went on to win several awards of the week as an SEC freshman in college.

Following his outstanding performance on the college basketball team, and received an invite to the 2011 McDonald’s All-American game.

Following his peak, Bradley Beal ensured that the NBA officials recognized his performance. In Beal’s game against the Brooklyn nets, he scored 24 points and hit a clutch three-pointer to send the game to double overtime. Sadly, matches with a leg injury.

Personal Life

Bradley Beal was born to Besta and Bobby in the city of St Louis, the second-largest city in Missouri. He was the brother of Brandon, Bruce, Byron, and Braxton. Beal was brought up in a family that is deeply rooted in football.

Despite that, Beal decided to follow his own career of becoming a basketball player. Presently, Bradley Beal is married to Kamiah Adams, and together have three children: Deuce Beal, Braylon Beal, and Braxton Beal.


Bradley was born in a family of five, the third born in the family. He has four brothers. Bobby Beal is their father, and Besta Beal is his mother. Bobby, Bradley’s father, played college football for Kentucky State University. He played the outside linebacker position during is the limelight.

Bradley’s mother, Besta Beal, played college basketball at Kentucky State

Brandon Beal, Bradley’s oldest brother, played college football in Northern Illinois. He played tight end.

Bruce Beal, Bradley’s older brother, played college football at Alabama State. He was an offensive lineman.

Byron Beal, Bradley’s younger brother, played college football at Linden wood University. He is an offensive lineman.

Bryon Beal is the last-born brother and played college football at linden wood University. He is a defensive lineman.

Bradley Beal Net worth, Contracts, and Endorsements

According to Celebrity Net worth website, Bradley Beal is among the richest basketballers. Currently, Bradley Beal’s net worth stands at approximately 75 Million USD. In addition to his net worth Bradley Beal has gotten many endorsement contracts from different companies, namely; Panini, Nike, Tissot, Verizon Communications, and Pepsi.

Bradley Beal career chart salary

According to Spotrac, Beal’s contract salaries are as follows:

2012-2013 $4.1 million
2013-2014 $4.3 million
2014-2015 $4.5 million
2015-2016 $5.6 million
2016-2017 $22.1 million
2017-2018 $23.7 million
2018-2019 $25.4 million
2019-2020 $25.3 million
2020-2021 $28.7 million
2021-2022 $33.7 million
2022-2023 $43.2 million
Estimated earnings in the eleven seasons  $221.1 million


Bradley Beal’s career has been seen to be in an uptrend trend, especially when he signed a five years deal with the good renowned team of with an annual average salary of 50 Million USD.

Investment and Income Sources

Accumulating wealth in terms of investments is vital; Bradley Beal has also invested some of his net worth in different fields.

In the year 2020, Beal became one of the investors to fund around $3 million to a video game that wagers startup PPLAY.

Nevertheless, Beal has also invested in one of the renowned headphones named Muzik Headphones, which the company itself called the “smartphone of headphones.” Reportedly, it raised $70 million in a concise period

Muzik Headphones

Beal invested in Muzik Headphones Company which is called Smartphone of Headphones. The MUZIK is a disruptive innovation lab and technology company that focuses in wearable music and entertainment devices built for culture by culture under the leadership of CEO Jason Hardi.

Muzik sponsored a Kid’s Basketball Camp in Detroit called MELO MUZIK works with pioneers in the worlds of technology, sports, music, fashion, and to create products that empower you to listen, create and share in exciting new ways.

MUZIK is a disruptive technology company and innovation lab that connects culture with state-of-the-art devices.

The company grew to a revenue of $70 million through its products of Crunchbase Starter, Crunchbase Pro, Crunchbase Enterprise, Contact Data, Data Enrichment, Data Licensing, and Data Partners.

Bradley Beal Achievements and Awards

Beal has acquired numerous awards in his career. He received an award as the all-time game star for three consecutive years, that is, 2018, 2019, and 2021 NBA, respectively, plus several weekly awards in the same years while playing for Florida Gators. NBA All-Rookie First Team 2012-13

Bradley Beal Quotes

  •  “I’m a max player, which is what I am looking for in the world. I may be thinking elsewhere if Washington can’t meet that requirement.”
  • “Basketball is basketball. And whether it’s male, female, or has any other label attached to it, that doesn’t matter to me. It really doesn’t matter who’s playing. Hoop is the hoop. The game is a game. If you have it, I’ll recognize it. Period.”
  • “I don’t like losing, so it will forever motivate me until we start winning and changing our culture.”
  • “My ultimate goal is to win.”

 Bradley Beal Biography summary

Full Name Emmanuel Bradley Beal
Nick Name Big Panda
Birth Place St. Louis, Missouri
Date of Birth June 28, 1993
Age 30 years
Net Worth 75 Million USD
Gender Male
Height 1.93 m
Weight 94 kg
Profession Basketball Player
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Parents Bobby Beal and Besta Beal
Relationship status Kamiah Adams Beal
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown

Bradley Beal wife

Bradley Beal is married to Kamiah Beal. They are among the most popular couples in the NBA and normally hang out together, especially in Basketball games. It is believed that the two met in a nightclub somewhere in Los Angeles.

They were in the company of friends when they met in the year 2015They then maintained a friendship that day, and some months later, they started dating. Beal and Kamiah continued dating for five years when they finally got married.

Beal and Kamiah finally got married in 2020. Their wedding was postponed when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. They, later on, did a colorful private wedding.

Bradley Beal’s Children

Bradley has three children. The three boys are Braylon, Bradley Junior, and Ezekiel. The last born, Ezekiel Beal, was born Friday (July 29); Kamiah took to Instagram to break the news to their fans worldwide.

Bradley Beal’s Houses

Bradley has a house in McLean, Virginia. According to the Washingtonian, he spent $3.2 million to purchase a six-bedroom, nine-bathroom “French Provincial-style” mansion this October. The 11,150-square-foot house doesn’t have a pool yet but is approved to dig one.

The mansion has a home theater, gym, entertaining outdoor space with surround sound, and a room with bunk beds and a chalkboard.

According to the Washingtonian, he spent $3.2 million to purchase a six-bedroom, nine-bathroom “French Provincial-style” mansion this October. The 11,150-square-foot house doesn’t have a pool yet but is approved to dig one.

Bradley Beal’s Twitter Account

Bradley Beal is not so active on Twitter; he joined Twitter in 2010 with a profile reading, “To God be the Glory! Go Gators! Play for the @WashWizards. He has 686k followers and follows 510 Twitter users.

Bradley Beal’s Instagram Account

Bradley Beal is an active Instagram user. He has 1.3 Million followers though he only follows 1,059. So far has posted 542 posts which, most of which are basketball related, his luxurious life, and his family. His verified Instagram handle is bradbeal3

Bradley Beal’s Car Collection

 1. Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG $159,990

The car is designated for luxurious driving and comes with an AMG engine. It is powered by a 4.0-liter Bi-Turbo V8 and 850nm of torque. It also features a 15-speaker Burmester sound system, massage, heated seats, a 12.3″ infotainment system, and an AMG exhaust. This makes the machine very expensive at an estimated cost of $159 990. The car is beautifully white in color.

The G63 has AMG-specific suspension tuning which is accompanied by its extra powerful engine. It is known for its comfortable nature, which was upgraded compared to the older Mercedes G-wagon. Properly equipped, the G63 can tow up to 6500 pounds.

2. Porsche 911

Bradley Beal Cars also own the Porsche 911 Targa, priced at $100000. The luxurious car is finished in all black and sits on 20-inch silver alloys. Priced at almost $100,000. The 911 Targa is powered by a 3.8-liter flat-six engine with 400 horsepower. The car can hit 62 mph in under 3.4 seconds.

The 911 is primarily both a sports car and a luxury car. The car’s interior design closely resembles the classic Porsche design.

3. Lamborghini Urus

Finally, Bradley Beal owns a Lamborghini, finished in Bianco Monocerus. The car is estimated to have an average price of $239,542. The super SUV features a 4.0-Liter twin-turbo V8 which churns 657 horsepower. The Urus can sprint from 0-60 mph in under 3.4 seconds, making it one of the fastest SUVs. The Lamborghini Urus. The car is white in color.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When was Bradley Beal born?

Bradley was born on June 28, 1993, and he is 30 years old. He was given birth to in St. Louis, Missouri, to Besta Beal and Bobby Beal.

2. What is Bradley Beal’s net worth?

Bradley Beal’s net worth is estimated at 75 Million USD, and most of his net worth is generated from his professional basketball career.

3. Is Bradley Beal married?

Yes, he is married to Kamiah Adams Beal.

4. What year was Bradley Beal drafted?

According to the NBA draft, Beal was among the top players chosen; he was picked third overall in 2012.

5. What is Bradley Beal good at?

Bradley Beal’s average stands at 24.1 points per game (up from 23.2 last year), based on his seventeen games. Beal has shot a performance-high 53.0% in the pitch the field and also around 35.3% from three, from 2019.

6. Are Bradley Beal and John Wall Friends?

John Wall and Bradley Beal have a friendship history of over eight years together on the Washington Wizards. It’s only natural that the two became close, but they were closer than fans imagined. Wall detailed some of the touching specifics of their friendship in his emotional piece on The Players Tribune.

7. Is Bradley Beal getting transferred?

Chances are that Bradley Beal is not going to be sold to the Los Angeles Lakers any time in the future. That is a fact as per now.


Bradley Beal has achieved a lot in his career. With his outstanding performance, we have seen him receive many awards. The three-time All-Star posted. He has huge potential since he is only 30 years of age. Bradley is a discipline basketballer. There are no controversies noted or any case of indiscipline.


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