Brandon Boston Junior Net Worth, Biography, Age, Family, and career (updated 2023)

Brando Boston Jr was born on November 28, 2001, to Alisa and Brandon Boston Sr in Norcross, GA. He has three siblings Daija Berry, Aysia, and Brandi Boston. The young icon holds American Nationality with his ethnicity of Afro-American.

According to Forbes, Google, and other reliable online sources, his net worth is approximately 4 Million USD. His primary source of income is NBA (National Basketball Association) salary, Contrast, and endorsements.

Brandon Boston Jr is dating Nikki, who Is currently not on Social media. His dating life is secretive, but we will see all that here.

Brandon Boston Jr Net worth, salary Endorsement, and contracts

Brandon Boston Jr signed a 3-year/ $ 4 million with the Los Angeles Clippers, with $ 2.4 million guaranteed with an annual salary of $ 1.4 million. Brandon Jr will earn a base salary of 1.5 million with a cap hit of $ 1.5 million and a dead cap value of 1.5 million. For 2023-24 it’s non-Guaranteed, and it will be fully guaranteed on 6/30/23.

Year Net Worth
2023 4 Million USD
2022 3.9 Million USD
2021 3.8 Million USD
2020 2 Million USD
2019 1 Million USD
  • On August 8, 2021, he signed a deal with Los Angeles Clippers.
  • He was fined $ 2,000 on Dec 2021 for a technical foul during Los Angeles Clippers and BOS.
  • Brandon Boston Jr Early Life, family, and girlfriend.
  • On July 29, 2021, he was drafted to Memphis.

Brandon Boston Junior Net Worth Graph

On August 7, 2021, he was traded to Los Angeles Clippers from New Orleans

He was born on November 28, 20001, in Norcross to Alisa and Brandon Boston. Brandon Boston, his father, is the CEO of the Boston Family Enterprise. They have three other kids Daija Berry, Aysia, and Brandi Boston. They grew up together. Personal and family, he has kept it secret over a long period.

I don’t know why. It is known that Brandon is dating Nikki, who went ahead and deleted her social media accounts. He showed Nikki on Instagram, where she was talking about Boston Jr favorite food (Barbeque wings). They also highlighted their favorite movies; for Boston Jr, where He Got the Game.

Did you know that Boston Jr loves painting? That is what girls see before you do; anyway, Nikki is more private than Boston Jr, And the young champion has never posted her on any social platform except only that live video on Instagram.

On May 11, 2020, he posted his mother and captioned Dear Momma, your best friend and only son. And appreciate his mother for raising him well and for all the guidance she has given him. He said a lot about his mother.

His Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius, and they are known to be Honest, intellectual, fair-minded, and have a love for freedom. They are fun, and most of the time, they socialize and make friends. He is the best at making friends, and they are funny. You can check his online accounts to prove them.

When he lost his friend Terrence, he realized he didn’t need sympathy from anyone though people showed it every minute they were online. He didn’t need people to see that he was not weak. That shows he is optimistic and doesn’t want to be bound by anything.

He hoped for the best though he went ahead with the 2021 NBA recruitment. Still, his friend was supposed to be there with him sharing that experience. That is one characteristic no one can pull that easily.

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Terrence Clerk and Brandon Boston Jr Accidents

Terrence Clerk was declared for the 2021 NBA draft as Brandon Boston Jr in 2021. The two young NBA champions were involved in a fatal accident on the 22nd of 2021, but Terrence Clerk didn’t make it. Boston tweeted on January 1 that he doesn’t need any sympathy. He will face his problems head-on.

According to records, Boston Jr was sitting behind the car and was not hurt during the accident. According to police, Terrence was alone in the car and moving at high speed in the Los Angeles Fernando Valley area at 2:10 pm.

There was a dark rumor that Boston Jr died in the accident, but that was a lie. They only wanted to have traffic on their websites. LeBron James posted on Twitter about the accident, saying they died, but after sometimes he retweeted that he is sorry he didn’t know Boston Jr was ok. The family and friend did send their prayers and condolences on Twitter.

It was hard for the young icon as he was drafted to the 2021 NBA knowing his friend was supposed. His fans were supportive in many ways. On his profile, he is considered one of the most successful s, a famous player born in November, and one of the wealthiest basketball players.

Brandon Boston Jr Career.

High School Career.

Brandon Boston Jr attended Norcross High School in Norcross, Georgia, before moving to Sierra Canyon High School in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Chatsworth in 2019.

The young champion played alongside LeBron James’ son, Bonny James, and Zaire Wade, son of Dwayne Wade. He averaged 5.4 rebounds and 18.4 points per game in his final season.

He was chosen to play for the 2020 McDonald’s All-American Boys game and the 2020 Jordan Brand Classic.

Brandon Boston Jr College Career.

On November 25, 2020, his college debut, he nailed 15 points and seven rebounds in a win against Morehead State. He helped his team to outshine South Carolina, where he scored 21 points, in the final season.

In his freshman period, he averaged 4.5 rebounds and 11.5 points in each Game. On March 2021 20th, he announced the 2021 NBA draft and forwent the remaining college eligibility.

Brandon Boston Jr Recruiting.

The young champion committed to playing basketball at the University of Kentucky.

Branding Boston Jr Professional Career.

Loss Angeles Clippers 2021 present

Boston Jr was selected in the 2nd round in the 2021 NBA draft, with the 51st being selected by the Memphis and was sold to New Orleans Pelicans and then to Loss Angeles Clippers. He was assigned to Clippers NBA League Affiliate.

The Dollar Bill In show during the Game.

The young icon has the nature of keeping a dollar bill in his show during the Game. He told KSR that it’s a tradition that starts in middle school. While in the 6th Grade, he used to stash money in his shoes to get skittles before any game.

He said he would love to eat candy before any game and made the dollar bill a tradition. He says he is not the same dollar bill. He swaps the money every year to make it less gross. That means he single dollar in one year and the same.

In an interview, he said it felt like cash was on him if his shot was cash. He is not the only player At the University of Kentucky with tradition. Some of his teammates do it. Devin Askew plays with 5 dollars in his socks. We will find out why he does that. He has something different from Brandon Boston Jr.

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Boston Jr Social Media presence.

He is very active on social media. On Twitter, see posts of basketball-related content and his skills. When the friend died, he used his Twitter account to communicate with fans.

He posted about his family on Instagram, especially his mother, clothing style, and basketball-related content. One time he posted about the mother with a beautiful caption thanking the mother and promising her the world; at this point am sure the mother is very proud of his son.

He doesn’t have a personal account on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, but he is seen in most of the posts on the NBA and Kentucky Men’s Basketball, where they do post about his skills, stats, news, and net worth.

Brandon Boston Jr Biography summary.

Date of Birth November 28, 2001
Age 21
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Net worth 4 Million USD
Height 1.98 m
Weight 85 kg
Profession Basketball player
Position Shooting Guard
League NBA
Nationality American
College Kentucky 2020-21
High School Norcross, Sierra Canyon, Chatsworth, California
Parents Mother: Alisa

Father: Brandon Boston

Birth Place Norcross, Georgia, U.S.
Relationship Status Dating Nikki
No of Children Zero
Hair Colour Dating Nikki
Eye Colour Moss Green

Fun Facts about Brandon Jr.

  • He places a one-dollar bill in his shoe during a basketball game. It’s a tradition he developed as he grew up. He believed he should eat candy before any game and that Boston Jr should feel he had cash if the shot was about the cash. He is not the only player with that trick. Others are like Devin from his team.
  • He is on the list of the most popular Basketball players in the United States. He is young, skilled, handsome, and the wealthiest kid; girls love him, and people like him as he is social and loves making friends.
  • He was born on November 28, 2001; his birthday is here. He is on the gentry list of celebrities born in the United States and November. Check out online how his birthday will take place.
  • He came out of high school as a five-star prospect, but he fell into the 51st draft as he struggled to shoot the ball and Kentucky’s awful record of 9-16 made him fall into that category.
  • He keeps his life secret/ private. We only know he is dating Nikki but who is Nikki?
  • He played with LeBron James’ son and Dwayne wade’s son in his first year in high school.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brandon Boston Jr.

1. Where & When was Brandon Boston Born?

He was born on November 28, 2001, in Norcross, Georgia, to Brandon Boston, the CEO of Boston Enterprise, and his mother, Alisa. They are very supportive in his career and when he lost his friend Terrence.

2. What is Brandon Jr Net Worth?

Currently, his net worth is approximately 4 Million USD. That is according to google Forbes and other reliable online sources that handle this celebrity’s stories. He has been in the NBA for one year; we expect many endorsements and contracts.

3. Where did Boston Grow Up?

The young champion grew up in Atlanta, specifically the north side, where most residents are Spanish and Mexican. The father has been supportive of his career as he grew up. He helped him where he could. The father is from Pittsburgh and wants more for his son and not what him to have a tough life.

4. Why did Brandon Boston fall in the draft?

The young champion came out of high as a five-star prospect, but things went differently than planned, as they picked him 51st overall. These were due to his struggles to shoot the ball and his awful record at the University of Kentucky.

5. Did Brandon Boston Go to College?

Boston Jr went to Norcross Highschool in Georgia, moved to the University of Kentucky, and then to the NBA in 2021.

6. Is Brandon Boston Dating?

According to records and his past, Boston is dating a girl named Nikki. He keeps his personal life private. Nikki recently deleted his Instagram account. Nikki is not known but visits our website. We will update you soon.

7. Who are Brandon Boston’s siblings?

Boston grew up with three siblings: Daija Berry, Aysia, and Brandi Boston. He loves them and usually posts them on his social media. You can check his social media link on social media presence on this article.


Champions are not made; they are born, and Boston Jr is a skilled Basketball player since childhood. He has been in the NBA (National Basketball Association) league for one year and is turning the headlines.

Few minor setbacks, but he is perfectly skilled and ready to battle anything on his way to make his dream come true. He is friendly and optimistic, and that’s why people love him. On Instagram and Twitter, his fans are always talking about him and eager to hear what he will say to them.

It’s been one year. Let’s give Boston time, and we will see what he can do.

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