Brandon Clarke Net Worth, Education, Career and Biography 2023

Brandon Clarke is a pro basketball player for the Grizzlies Memphis of the NBA (National Basketball Association). He is believed to be Canadian-American by citizenship. Clarke was born on 19th September 1996 in Vancouver, British Columbia, to Whitney triplet and Steve Clarke.

Clarke is a popular Canadian basket player who has bagged and made history in the NBA. As of 2022, Clarke’s net worth is approximately 4 Million USD. His primary source of income is basketball salary, contracts, and endorsements.

He also played high school basketball, where his skill got spotted very fast by different basketball programs and organizations. He also played college basketball for the Gonzaga Bulldogs and San Jose State University Spartans.

The Oklahoma City Thunder drafted him with the 21st overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft. He was immediately sold to Memphis Grizzlies. One year later, he earned the NBA All-Rookie First Team title.

In this article, we will take a closer look a how he earns and spends his wealth.

Brandon Net Worth, Salary, and Endorsements.

Brandon is one of the wealthiest Canadian basketball players in the NBA league. As of 2022, his base salary is $ 4.3 Million. His projected salary with Memphis Grizzlies for the next season, 2023/24, will be $ 12.5 million.

The projected salary will remain the same till the 2026/27 season, when his contract will end. The total salary the NBA star has bagged since he started his career is $ 7.8 Million. That is from 2019 joining the NBA and all in Memphis Grizzlies.

According to spotrac Brandon Clarke has signed a contract with Memphis Grizzlies worth $ 12.5 Million for four years. The deal includes $ 12.5 Million guaranteed with an annual salary of $ 3.03 Million. According to the contract, he is supposed to earn a base salary of $ 4.34 Million while carrying a cap hit of $ 4.34 Million with a dead value of $ 4.34 Million.

Year Net Worth
2023 2023
2022 3.8 Million USD
2021 3.6 Million USD
2020 3.4 Million USD
2019 2.8 Million USD

Brandon Clarke Net Worth Graph

Fun Facts

  • As o 2022, he was making 59.29 % more than the last season (2022/23)
  • He was the 247th best-paid Player in the NBA in 2022, and in 2021, he was the 293rd best-paid NBA player.
  • As of 2022, he was the 98th best-paid forward and 118th best-paid in 2021.
  • In 2022, he was the 8th best-paid Player of the Memphis Grizzlies, and in 2021, he was the 11th best-paid Player.
  • The agents are Mark Bartelstein and Andy Shiffman.
  • He owns a house and a range rover.

According to records and Online stories, Clarke is not a car fan but has a range rover that helps him move and do other daily chores.

Brandon Clarke Early Life and High School Career.

Brandon was born in 1996 in Vancouver to Whitney triplet and Steve Clarke. The mother is a Canadian, but the father is a Jamaican. When he was three, they moved to the United States in Phoenix, Arizona.

Clarke was named by the Arizona Republic as All-Arizona Division 1 Honoree. That’s after enabling Desert to the Championship match in 2015. We need more information on how he started to play basketball on the online platform, but we will update it soon.

While high, we know he showed phenomenal skills that drew the attention of many college basketball teams and programs.

Brandon Clarke College Career.

As I mentioned, Clarke played college basketball for the San Jose State Spartans for two seasons. In conference play, he earned the title the Mountain West Six Man of the year from the league Coaches. That after nailing 10.1 Points and 7.3 rebounds.

In the second season (Sophomore year), Brandon averaged 2.6 assists, 2.6 blocks, 8.7 rebounds, and 17.3 points. The result led him to be named Mountain West All-Defensive Team and All-Mountain West First Team. After that season, he moved to Gonzaga, where he redshirted the 2017/18 season.

In his freshman season at Gonzaga, he was phenomenal on the court and was named the West Coast Conferences New Comer of the year. He became a member of the All-WCC First Team. He also bagged two other titles: Defensive Player of the year.

He was the first Player in the WCC to bag the Defensive Player of the year and newcomer of the year in a season. Sporting news names him All-American Third Team. He recorded a career-high 36 points, three assists, five blocks, and eight rebounds on 23rd March 2019 against Baylor, which they won the game 83-71.

The young NBA star is phenomenal. He joined Shaquille O’Neal and David Robinson and became the 3rd Player to bag 35 plus points in the NCAA Tournament. He also breaks Adam Morrison’s points records in the NCAA tournament game. That’s why Memphis is not letting him go.

Brandon Clarke’s Professional Career

The Oklahoma City Thunder selected him with the 21st overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft. But Memphis came out and officially acquired Clarke from the Oklahoma City Thunder. They had a draft right to Darius Bazley and the second-round draft pick in the future.

In the championship games that allowed Memphis to enter the leagues of Championship, and earned the MVP (Most Valuable Player). He earned the title of the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the 2019 Summer league after bagging four doubles and became the second Non- American to bag the title.

He nailed three blocks, four assists, 16 rebounds, and 15 points. He became the first non-American Player to bag the MVP championship and the first Player in the summer league to bag the two honors in the history of the NBA.

He faced Miami Heat and bagged a block, an assist, seven rebounds, and eight points. They lost to Miami Heat on 23rd October 2019. It was announced that Brandon Clarke would be sidelined due to the right Quadricep Injury on 25th February 2020.

The last season, Memphis Grizzlies exercised their team option on Clarke. He was named the 2019-20 NBA All-Rookie First Team by the NBA on 15th September 2020. Memphis announced that they had exercised their team option on Clarke on 16th December 2020. That was on 16th October 2021.

According to history and records, Clarkes is a formidable forward in the NBA. According to analysis and stats, he is really good. There is a higher chance he can be a legend in basketball history.

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Brandon Clarke’s career achievements and awards.

According to the records below, his achievements and awards in the NBA and college basketball. For some, he is the first non-American Player; for others, he has set new records and old broken ones set by legends like Shaquille O’Neal.

  • In 2020, he was named the NBA All-Rookie First Team.
  • Third-Team All-American -AP, SN in 2019.
  • Mountain West All-Defensive Team in 2017.
  • First Team All-American west in 2017.
  • Mountain west Sixth Man of the year in 2016.
  • WCC Newcomer of the year in 2019.
  • WCC Defensive player of the year in 2019.
  • First-team All-WCC in 2019.

There are others while he was in high school that we will update soon.

Brandon Clarkes Biography summary.

Date of Birth 16th September 1996
Full Name Brandon Clarke
Age 27 years
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Aries
Net worth 4 Million USD
Height 2.03 m
Weight 98 kg
Profession Pro Basketball Player
Position Power Forward
Playing Career 2019 to present
League NBA
NBA team Memphis Grizzlies
Jersey Number Fifteen (15
Nationality Canadian American
Ethnicity Black American
Parents Father: Steve Clarke

Mother: Whiney Triplets

Siblings Update it soon
Birth Place Vancouver, British Columbia in, Canada
Relationship Status Not engaged
No of Children No children
High School Desert Vista in Phoenix, Arizona.
College San State Jose state (2015 to 2017) and Gonzaga from 2018 to 2019
Religion Christianity
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown

He has kept much private information, but we will update it.

Brandon Clarke Relationships and family.

According to the online platform, Brandon Clarke is single and focuses on his career. At some point, people think he is keeping the relationship on the low.

In the past, we don’t have any concrete evidence to prove he is in a relationship or not. On his social media platform, he focuses on his parents.

At the moment is the only kid of Steve Clarke and Whitney Triplets.

Steve Clarkes and Whitney raised Brandon Clarke. They did a marvelous job, and his dad introduced his son to basketball, and he kept it at heart. The love of basketball runs in the family. After some time, the parents split up, and his dad returned to Jamaica for over nine years.

The first time he lived in Norway, he visited the Museum and urged his son to go with him. He returned, took his son to a museum, and bonded with him. He says he left knowing his son will be trying to learn his over the years.

Brandon loved the trip, and he enjoyed bonding with his father. As of 20223, he has a good relationship with his father. There is little information about his mother, Whitney Triplets, but according to online data, they have a good relationship, and the mother was one of the key factors that enabled him to get into the NBA.

He pushed him when is necessary and guided him to be the best. The father taught and introduced him to basketball mother was there to push and guide him.

We don’t know why they split up, but we know they love Brandon so much.

Brandon’s Social Media presence.

Brandon Clarke is very active on social media platforms, with more than 107k followers on Instagram and more than 39.2 k followers on Twitter. Taylor is more active on Instagram than on Twitter. If you want to grab his latest life, go for Instagram.

As the young NBA star, he is seen to compute basketball-related content, his lifestyle, and his clothing. He is also seen posting his mother on Mother’s Day and his graduation from Gonzaga University.

On Twitter, he is not active as on Instagram. Here he computes mostly about his gaming clip and the moment he shined in the court.

To see his posts on Twitter, search Brandon Clarke and on Instagram, Brandon_Clarke23. He is living his dream, which is why many high schools and college kids want to get a shot into the NBA league. Many fulfill their dream, but many still need to make it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brandon Clarke.

1. Where and when was Brandon Clarke born?

Brandon Clarke was born on 16th September 1996; as of 2023, he is 27 years old. He is Canadian and has American citizenship. He was born in Vancouver, British Columbia in, Canada. When Brandon was three, His family moved to the United States and acquired dual citizenship.

2. Is Brandon Clarke Good?

According to NBA analysis and Wikipedia records, Brandon Clarke is an amazing power forward. In High School, he received many offers because of his skills. People said he was facing inexperienced players and High school, but he mesmerized much fun when he showed them he fits in the NBA league. And not just fitting but one of the top players,

3. Who is dating Brandon Clarke?

Brandon may be keeping it on the low. Maybe he is dating. At the moment, according to an online platform, the NBA star is single, and he avoids distractions. We don’t have any concrete evidence to prove he is dating anyone now and in the past. If it’s focusing on his career, it can be as if he is doing amazing on the court.

4. What are the known assets of Brandon Clarke?

Currently, he has yet to throw himself into buying things and trades. But as of the year, he has a raise in salary we expect much from him. He owns a range rover and a house. He lives in Phoenix, Arizona.


According to other basketball Critics and me online, he has probable to be the best and legend in the NBA. He joined the NBA and has already broken some records set by Shaquille O’Neal and Adam Robinson. We expect much as he is doing much work and learning more as he grows up.

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