Burna Boy Net Worth and Biography (updated 2023)

Burna Boy is a Nigerian musician, songwriter, and record producer. He has a net worth of 22 Million USD. Arguably, Burna Boy is one of the top 10 top-selling musicians in Nigeria. He has accumulated a lot of popularity with his albums and tracks.

He became famous in 2012 when he released his debut album, L.I.F.E. One of the song in the album, Like To party, was his breakthrough. It caught the ears of many listeners worldwide and became one of the most streamed songs.

Burna is an award-winning artist who has collaborated with many producers and musicians. This article will share Burna’s net worth breakdowns, car collections, real estate, and biography. Therefore, keep reading the article to understand who Burna Boy is.

Burna Boy Net Worth

Burna Boy is an award-winning musician and one of the best musicians in Nigeria. Undoubtedly, his net worth is in the millions. Currently, the Nigerian singer is worth 22 Million USD. His primary source of income is from album sales and songs.

As a professional singer, Burna makes a lot from ticket sales, live concerts and performances, streams of his hits, and endorsement deals. So far, he is among the top 10 successful musicians in Nigeria.

Below is the distribution table showing Burna’s net worth in the past five years.

Year Net Worth
2023 22 Million USD
2022 20 Million USD
2021 18 Million USD
2020 16 Million USD
2019 14 Million USD

Burna Boy Net Worth Graph

Early Life

Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, AKA Burna Boy, is a prominent musician born on July 2, 1991. He was born in Garden City, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. He was the son of Samuel Ogulu, his father, and Bose Ogulu, his mother. His mother was a language translator, whereas his father worked in a welding company.

Ogulu spent his early life in Southern Nigeria, where his parents worked. He attended primary education in South Nigeria and later went to Corona Secondary School in Agbara. During childhood, he was interested in music and began making beats using FruityLoops.

After his secondary education, he relocated to London for further studies at Oxford University. His university education did not last for long. While in his second year, he dropped out of school to focus on his music career.

Upon return from London, Burna Boy landed an internship job at Rhythm FM. In 2010, he officially began to pursue his dream in music.

Career Life

Burna Boy’s Career life set off in 2010 when he dropped out of school. After he relocated from London to Lagos, he officially launched his music career. In 2013, he released his debut album, L.I.F.E. This made him famous and popular worldwide.

The album had five singles: Like To Party, Tonight, Yawa Dey, Run My Race, and Always Love You. Among the five singles, the Like To Party single was ear-catching. It attracted public attention and garnered millions of streams on digital platforms. During the album’s release day, more than 40,000 copies were sold. Today, the album is ranked 10th in Nigerian Entertainment.

In his early days in the music industry, Burna worked with Aristokrat Records. In November of the same year, he released his second album, E.P. Redemption, under Aristoktrat Records. Later, in February 2015, he founded his music label, Spaceship Entertainment.

His two albums were a hit, and his fame preceded Nigeria and its neighbors. He became recognized in different parts of the world. His fame attracted international Records Labels such as Bad Habit Records of America and Warner Music Group.

In 2018, he released his third album, Outside. The album was also a hit and made him win the Best International Act at BET. Awards, 2019. In addition, after a quick nip of the album’s success, he was announced as an Apple Music Up Next Artist.

Since his music debut in 2013, Burna boy has become one of Nigeria’s top-selling and best singers. Later in 2019, he produced yet another ear-catching album titled African Giant. So far, Burna Boy has released six albums, 29 singles, and two mixtapes.

Let’s summarize the albums released by Burna Boy:

  • L.I.F.E – 2013
  • E.P. Redemption -2015
  • Outside – 2018
  • African Giant -2019
  • Twice as Tall – 2020
  • Love, Damini- 2022

Achievements and Awards

Undoubtedly, Burna Boy is one of Nigeria’s most influential and successful artists. Through his music, Burna Boy has won numerous awards and accolades since he began his career in 2013.

In 2021, the artist became the first African artist to win the BET Award three consecutive times. He won the Best International Act Award at BET. in 2021, 2020, and 2019. Other than international Awards, he has won other local Nigerian Awards.

See some of the awards won by Burna Boy in his Music Career.

  • Best Pop, 2013 – South Africa Music Awards
  • Best New Act of the Year, 2013 –Nigerian Entertainment Awards
  • Best Album of the Year, 2014 – Nigerian Entertainment Awards
  • Best Pop Artist of the Year, 2015 – Nigerian Entertainment Awards
  • Listener’s Choice, 2019 – Soundcity M.V.P. Awards Festival
  • Best Male M.V.P., 2019 – Soundcity M.V.P. Awards Festival
  • African Artiste of the Year, 2019 – Soundcity M.V.P. Awards Festival
  • Best International Award, 2019- BET. Awards
  • Best African Act, 2019 – MTV Europe Music Awards
  • Album of the Year,2019 – All Africa Music Awards
  • Song of the Year, 2020- Soundcity M.V.P. Awards Festival
  • Best Male M.V.P., 2020- Soundcity M.V.P. Awards Festival
  • Best Global Music Album, 2021 – Grammy Awards
  • Best International Award, 2021- BET. Awards
  • Best International Award, 2022- BET Awards

Burna Boy Earnings and Source of Income

Like other professional musicians, Burna has several sources of income. However, music-related activities have been his primary source of income since 2013. In his music career, he has performed in several shows and concerts.

He owns a music label, Spaceship Entertainment. The label generates income through the production and marketing of musicians. A high percentage of his monthly income comes from ticket sales and worldwide music tours.

In 2022, Burna Boy became the first Nigerian musician to sell out Madison Square Garden. When performing his African Giant Album, he had more than 20,000 spectators, and more than 100,000 people streamed online.

In addition, Burna has a YouTube channel that benefits from the monetization scheme. He bags more than $0.1 million from YouTube ads. He has collaborated with several notable companies and is their ambassador. He’s a brand.

Let’s summarize Burna Boy’s Earnings in a typical month.

  • Music Tours and Ticket Sales – $0.5 million
  • YouTube – $0.1 million
  • Brand endorsements -$0.4 million
  • Investments – $0.1 million

Therefore, the total annual income of Burna Boy is estimated to be around 2 Million USD..


Burna Boy is one of the top musicians of all time. Because of this, we can expect him to live lavishly like other celebrities. The celebrity has several properties in America and his home country, Nigeria.

He owns a luxurious mansion in Lagos, Nigeria. This is his primary mansion in Nigeria. The mansion has high-class and stately features. Because of this, the mansion is estimated to be worth $4 million.

Burna has a house in Beverly Hills in, America. The worth of the mansion is unknown to the public. But we can be sure it is worth millions. The musician owns other properties and houses in different parts of America and Nigeria that are unknown to the public.

Let’s summarize the properties and houses owned by Burna include:

  • Mansion in Lagos - $4 million
  • Mansion in Beverly Hill, America – Unknown value

Car Collection

Burna’s car collection is impressive. He has cars from different notable brands. He spent most of his earnings on upgrading his garage.

Some of the cars that Burna Boy owns include:

  • BMW 3 Series – $42,300
  • Land Rover Defender V8 – $104,400
  • Mercedes Benz G Wagon – $139,900
  • Ford Edge Sport – $44,195
  • Lexus SC – $42,000
  • Bentley Continental – $235, 000
  • Rolls- Royce Dawn Convertible- $370,000
  • Ferrari 485 Italia- $239,340

Burna’s net worth and Biography Summary

Date of Birth July 2, 1991
Age 32 years
Gender Male
Net worth  22 Million USD
Height 1.85 m
Weight 84 kg
Profession Producer, Musician, and Songwriter
Nationality Nigerian
Birth Place Garden City, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Relationship Status Unmarried
No of Children None
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac Sign Cancer

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the net worth of Burna Boy?

Arguably, Burna Boy is one of the top 10 top-selling musicians in Nigeria. Burna Boy is a Nigerian musician, songwriter, and record producer worth 22 Million USD.

.2. How old is Burna Boy?

Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu(Burna Boy) was born on July 2, 1991. He was born in Garden City, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Currently, he is 32 years old.

3. Does Burna Boy own a music label?

After working with Aristokrat Records for almost two years, he founded his Record Label. In February 2015, he founded Spaceship Entertainment.


Burna is one of the best-selling and richest musicians in Nigeria and is worth 22 Million USD. His total annual Income of Burna Boy is estimated to be around 2 Million USD. He has sold millions of records and appeared in several concerts. His music career started in 2013; he has six albums.

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