Eric Thomas Net Worth and Biography (updated 2023)

Eric Thomas is an American professional motivational speaker, minister, author, consultant, and YouTuber. He is worth 5 Million USD. His famously known for his inspirational speeches and videos that he uploads on his YouTube channel.

According to Forbes, Eric is among the richest and high earning motivational speakers. He’s one of America’s most influential and famous ministers, authors, and speakers. His motivational videos and speeches have garnered him a nickname, The hip-hop preacher.

Due to his worldwide popularity, different people are yearning to learn more about him. If you are among the many people researching Eric Thomas, this article got you covered.

Eric Thomas’s Net Worth

The hip-hop preacher, Eric Thomas, is the king of words and speeches, which has earned him a profession. His net worth is 5 Million USD. The motivational guru has numerous income sources, which explains his enormous net worth.

Below is the distribution table for Eric’s net worth in the past five years.


Net Worth


5 Million USD


3.9 Million USD


3 Million USD


2.5 Million USD


1.8 Million USD

Eric Thomas Networth Graph

Early Life

September 3, 1970, could be like any other day in Chicago, America if Eric was not born. The motivational speaker was born in Chicago but raised in Detroit, Michigan. A single teenage mother raised him.

Following subsequent arguments with his mother and other family members, Eric dropped out of school and became homeless. Thankfully, he met with a preacher who inspired him to return to school. He lived in the streets of Detroit for more than two years.

Eric did not decline the preacher’s offer. He went back to school, and this was his greatest breakthrough. During this time, he developed an interest in preaching and was an active member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, where he met his wife. In addition, he was employed at an Olive Garden West of Detroit.

Eric then relocated to Huntsville, Alabama, where he attended Oakwood University. While in Huntsville, Eric married his church lover, De-De Mosley. Later, he graduated with an undergraduate degree from Oakwood University in 2001.

Career Life

In 2001, his journey to success and fame began. After he completed his undergraduate studies, Eric continued with the preaching ministry. He also developed an effective program for helping youths and the poor.

In 2003, Eric’s name garnered fame, which got him a job at Michigan University. At this time, he enrolled for a Master’s degree. While at MSU, he worked as a student advisor in the Guidance and Counselling department. In addition, he served as the preacher in the A Place of Change Ministries, 2005.

In 2005, Thomas graduated from MSU with a master’s degree and a PhD in Education Administration in 2015. By this time, Eric was widely known, and to his advantage, he came up with a consultancy and coaching company.

His company mainly offered education consulting, coaching classes, motivational talks, and athletic development. The organization laid a rigid foundation for his future career. It was through this organization that Eric became a professional speaker and a YouTuber.

Recently, Thomas has released several motivational books and articles without forgetting his hundreds of inspirational videos.

Sources of Income

With a net worth of more than 5 Million USD, we can be sure that Eric has diverse sources of income. However, preaching and motivating people is his primary source of income. Since 2001, after graduating, he has been earning through motivational-based talks.

He offers individual or stage performance motivational talks. Therefore, his company charges depending on the number of people’s duration, among other factors.

Besides real-time talks, Eric has a YouTube channel with more than 900,000 subscribers. He regularly uploads motivational and inspirational videos in this space. The channel benefits from the YouTube monetization scheme, increasing his monthly income.

He has heavily invested in motivational books, which have improved his fame and net worth. So far, he has released three inspirational books. Additionally, Eric runs other investments, and he is a minister.

Eric Thomas Car Collection

Eric Thomas falls in the celebrity rank. Thus, as one of the world’s most celebrities, we can expect him to have cars from notable brands.

Some of the cars owned by Eric Thomas include:

  • Toyota Prius - $24,210
  • 2016 Kia Sorento SXL - $25,900

Eric Thomas Houses and Properties

The hip-hop preacher, Eric Thomas, has several properties and houses in different parts of America. His consultancy company has branches in different parts of the country, and this adds to the list of buildings he owns.

In addition, he has homes in different parts of America. For example, the motivational guru owns a home worth $2.5 million in Michigan. However, most of his buildings and houses are unknown to the public.

Eric’s net worth and Biography Summary

Date of Birth

September 3, 1970





Net worth

 5 Million USD


1.80 m


71 kgs


Motivational Speaker, Minister, and Author



Birth Place

Chicago, United States

Relationship Status

Married to De-De Mosley

No of Children

Two: Jalin Thomas and Jayda Thomas

Hair Color


Eye Color

Dark Brown



Zodiac sign


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the net worth of Eric Thomas?

The motivation guru, Eric Thomas, has built himself from scratch. Currently, he has a net worth of 5 Million USD.

2. How old is Eric Thomas?

Eric Thomas was born on September 3, 1970. As of writing this article, the motivational speaker is 53  years old.

3. Is Eric Thomas married?

Eric Thomas is married to his high-school lover, De-De Mosley. He has Two: Jalin Thomas and Jayda Thomas children. 

4. What Companies does Eric own?

Eric Thomas is a notable and famous motivational speaker. He owns one of the largest consulting firms, ETA LLC, which he founded in 2015. The company offers education consulting, coaching classes, motivational talks, and athletic development.


To sum up, we can all concur that Eric is a hardworking man who did not earn fame via shortcuts. His early life is inspirational to many, from a street boy to a successful motivational speaker. He has worked to become one of the best motivational speakers of all time.

As of writing this article, his net worth is 5 Million USD, and he has published three motivational books

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