Jim Carrey’s Net Worth and Biography (updated 2023)

Jim Carrey is an American actor and comedian. He was born and raised in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. Jim grew up around Toronto, where he attended school and started practicing comedy.

After his career started bearing fruits in Canada, he moved to the United States. At one point, Jim Carrey was the most-paid movie actor in the world. Jim Carrey currently has an estimated net worth of 180 Million USD.

This article will break his wealth down into assets, investments, Luxury things, and salary. This will give you a clear picture of how he earns and spends his money.

Jim Carrey’s Net Worth

Jim Carrey’s current net worth is 180 Million USD.

Let us look at his net worth in the last five years.

2023 180 Million USD
2022 170 Million USD
2021 155 Million USD
2020 145 Million USD
2019 135 Million USD

Jim Carrey Networth Graph

Early Life

Jim Carrey was raised in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. Life was not easy for Jim after his father lost his accounting job. The whole family had to work in a nearby factory to make ends meet. They did menial jobs such as security guards and janitors.

Jim also had to work a full 8-hour shift after attending school. During this period, his family couldn’t afford an apartment, so they had to live in a van.

He would craft jokes and make his classmates or colleagues laugh during his teen years. In addition, he was naturally talented at impersonating people, just like his father.

At the Age of 15, Jim started his professional career as a comedian. He started doing comedy in clubs. His father would drive him around different clubs in Toronto to perform his comedy.

Jim dropped out of school as his career started booming. Later he moved to Los Angeles, where Rodney Dangerfield signed him to perform at his comedy store.

Acting Career

When Carrey first started, he was faced with a lot of challenges. His act didn’t impress that match in the clubs that he was performing at. Jim managed to turn that around and started making serious progress.

At this time, Jim started getting positive reviews as he returned to the stage. His acts started getting better after gaining experience. The clubs started paying him for his performance.

Jim believed in his career so much that he wrote his future self a $10 million cheque. He believed he would receive the cheque from his work one day even though he was starting. Jim kept the cheque in his wallet as a reminder and for motivation.

At one time, he appeared in a Tv movie on CBC called An Evening at the Improv. In 1994, Jim was featured in movies such as Ace Ventura, Dumb and dumber, and The Mask.

Ace Ventura, which credits Jimcarrey as the writer and a lead character, grossed $107 million worldwide. This was a big hit since it only had a budget of 15 million. Jim is believed to have walked away with $350,000.

Jim Carrey also walked away with a huge stash from the show Dumb and Dumber. It is estimated that Jim was Paid $7 million for his role. He also bagged $450,000 from The Mask in the same year. This was a good amount since the deal was signed before the show Ace Ventura. The Mask grossed $352 million from a $23 million budget.

The following year (1995), Jim was featured in Batman Forever as the Riddler. At this time, Jim Carrey was arguably one of the best actors in the world. His role in Batman Forever earned him $540,000.

His unique style of acting was unusual, but it saw him a massive success. In the early 2000s, Jim starred in the shows such as Me Myself and Irene, Bruce Almighty, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and more.

Jim Carrey Investments and Income Sources


Jim Carrey’s biggest investment is his acting career. Approximately 90% of all his wealth has been amassed from movies he has starred in, produced, or directed. He has invested much money in growing his skills, networking, and production.

In 2008 Jim Carrey starred in a movie called Yes Man. It’s about a man who couldn’t say no to anything. He declined upfront cash for a 36% stake in the after-sales. It was a huge risk then, but it ended up paying him wholesomely.

Yes, Man grossed over $230 million worldwide. For this reason, he walked away with approximately $30 million. This is his biggest paycheck ever from a movie to this date. In 2011, Forbes ranked Jim as the top-earning actor per movie. The list revealed he made at least $20 million per movie that year.


Every movie creates a trailer for marketing purposes. This has been the only type of commercial that he has carried out his entire life.

In February 2022, he was featured in a commercial for the super bowl for Verizon Fios. Superbowl is the most elite competition in America. The February 2022 Super Bowl attracted 99.18 million viewers across the US alone.

Jim played the Cable Mans character in this commercial. Although no publicly available data on how much he earned, we can compare it to similar commercials.

Superbowl commercials are very attractive. Celebs who participated in the past walked away with at least $500,000 to $2 million.

Real Estate

Real estate is a haven for most actors. Jim has invested in several mansions and estates. Here is a breakdown of how much he has invested in real estate.

Malibu Home

Jim Carrey bought his first house in Malibu, United States 2002. But he sold it ten years later. The house covered 2,866 feet with five bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Malibu homes came with various classy amenities such as a spa, balcony, rooftop, and fireplace. He sold this property for $13.95 million. Since then, he moved to bigger and better mansions.

California Mansion

The multi-million dollar mansion is Jim Carrey’s most popular real estate. He bought the California Mansion at $15.2 million. This estate covers a whopping 8,029 square feet.

The house features Five bedrooms and nine bathrooms. It also comes with plenty of foliage and many trees. Furthermore, it has a full-size tennis court.

A mansion tucked in a wooded area shows his desire to be close to nature. Besides, the trees help to filter the street noise and give him privacy from neighbors.

Manhattan Duplex Penthouse

Jim Carrey owns a 7,000-square-foot duplex in Manhattan, New York. His Manhattan penthouse consists of six bedrooms and four and a half bathrooms. This apartment cost him $13.65 million and is relatively large compared to others in the location.

The house amenities cover at least six floors. Although it was built in 1824, it has been renovated with a modern touch.

This house comes with a full-size and customized kitchen for his chef. It also has a private garden which can only be accessed via the kitchen.

The first floor houses Jim’s Carrey living room. To access this room, you have to use his private elevator. The second floor houses his master bedroom and two full-size baths. The rest of the floors contain a family kitchen, bedrooms, and baths.

Real Estate Summary

  • Malibu home, 4,000 sq – $57.3 million
  • Wyoming Ranch, 4000 acres – $8 million
  • Los Angeles ranch – $2.2 million
  • Four bedroom hidden hills mansion- $23 million


Jim Carrey recently announced his retirement from his acting career. He said Sonic the Hedgehog was going to be his last movie. In addition, he said he was not worried anymore about his name but wanted to live a simple life.

Jim added that he would concentrate on his painting talent as it gives him peace. He also stated that he would only return to the screens if he gets challenged to do something he has not done in his acting career.


NFT stands for non-fungible tokens, which is a new blockchain technology disrupting the industry. It gives an artist the power to own digital art, which can be variable or transferred on the blockchain.

Artis can own their digital art by uploading it to blockchains. The most expensive NFT sold so far is the Merge. Jim Carrey, a lover of art, recently listed his first-ever NFT for 60 Ethereum. At Ethereum’s current value, the price translates to $900,000.

Luxury Cars

Just like most Hollywood stars, Jim Carrey is also a gearhead. He loves adding luxury cars to his collection. His most notable collections include the Porsche Panamera and Mercedes AMG SL63.

The retail price for Porsche Panamera is currently at $190,000. It features a turbocharged 2.9-liter V6 engine.

On the other hand, his Mercedes AMG SL63 costs about $155,00. It comes with a V8 engine that can attain a speed of 0 to 62 mph in just 3,9 seconds.

Luxury Cars Summary

  • Mercedes AMGSL63 - $155,000
  • Porsche Panmera $190,000

Jim Carrey Networth and Biography Summary

Date of Birth 17th January 1962
Age  61
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Net worth  180 Million USD
Height  6 feet 2 inches
Weight  84 kg
Profession Actor
Nationality American, Canadian
Parents Percy Joseph Carrey and Kathleen Carrey
Birth Place Newmarket, Ontario, Canada.
Relationship Status Divorced
No of Children 1 (Jane Erin Carrey)
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What was the last movie that Jim Carrey did?

The last movie Jim Carrey did was Sonic The Hedgehog 2. It may be his last show after he announced on live stream Media that he was leaving his acting career. In Sonic The Hedgehog 2, Jim played The Eggman role. It is estimated that Carrey made at least $15 million from the set.

2. Are Nicholas Cage and Jim Carrey Friends?

Nicholas Cage and Jim Carrey are good friends. Both actors have released positive statements against each other on TV and social media. In 2012, Cage revealed that Jim Carrey wanted him to be part of Dumb and Dumber.

3. How old is Jim Carrey?

Jim Carrey is 61 years old. He was born on 17th January 1962.

4. How much did Jim Carrey get paid for the Grinch?

Jim Carrey was paid around $20 million for his popular show The Grinch. This salary broke the record to become the highest earning from a movie at that time. The box office movie “How The Grinch Stole Christmas” grossed over $345.1 million.

5. Why did Jim Carrey Retire?

Jim Carrey retired to spend some time off the spotlight. As he stays out of the spotlight, he will concentrate on his painting career. Jim said he is not worried about his legacy but wants to spend more time with his family doing something that brings him peace.

6. What is Jim Carrey’s net worth?

Jim Carrey’s Networth is 180 Million USD. Jim Carrey grew from humble to become one of America’s top-paid actors. He has attained most of his wealth from his acting career.

7. What movie did Jim Carrey make the most money in?

Jim Carrey made the most money from Yes Man. He signed a stake of 32% of the total income from the movie. This means he made about $32 million.

Final Thoughts

Jim Carey has had one of the most successful acting careers. Once, he became the most paid movie actorThis has helped him achieve a net worth of 180 Million USD.

Over the years, he has taken serious risks, such as refusing upfront payment for a stake in the after-sales. He also quit school to concentrate on his comedy career at Toronto downtown clubs. Perhaps his biggest gamble yet was his style of acting which has paid him back big time.

Besides his acting career, Jim Carey is heavily invested in real estate and luxury cars. He continues to add more as his desire for the finest things grows.

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