Joe Burrow Net Worth and Biography

Joe Burrow is an American footballer who plays for Cincinnati Bengals in the National Football League. The professional quarterback is estimated to have a net worth of about 10 Million USD. Before joining the NFL, Joe played for Louisiana State University and wore many trophies, including the Heisman Trophy.

This article will review Joe’s assets, businesses, and investments. We shall also look at his net worth. Read on to find out how he makes his money.

Joe Burrow Net Worth

Joe Burrow’s current net worth is approximately 10 Million USD. Let’s take a look at his net worth in the last five years.

Year Net Worth
2023 10 Million USD
2022 8 Million USD
2021 7 Million USD
2020 6 Million USD
2019 5 Million USD

Joe’s salary has been given in terms of ‘salary per year’. This is a result of him signing a 4-year contract with his club, Cincinnati Bengals, that is worth over $35 Million. He also signed about $24 Million as a bonus and therefore is guaranteed an annual salary of about $10 Million. His entire income does not only depend on his salary. The total sum of Burrow’s net worth includes the income he gets from endorsements, investments, and brands.

Joe Burrow Net Worth Graph

Parents and Early Career

Joseph Lee Barrow was born in America in the year 1996. His parents were Jim Barrow and Robin Barrow. Jim Barrow was an NFL player and a college football coach. Joe’s siblings were Jamie Barrow and Dan Barrow who were also football players. Joe came from a lineage of great NFL football players, including his grandfather. He, therefore, drew his football skills from close relatives, especially his father, who acted as his football mentor.


Joe’s football career began at a young age. He was barely a year old when his father signed to play for the NFL with Cleveland Browns. As a young boy, he stood out with his exemplary skills in football, which he got after watching his dad play in the field.

Joe’s father, Tito Burrow, acted as his idol until he retired from football in 2013. Joe decided to pursue a career in football while in High School officially. At Delaware State University, he became a record holder of a best footballer.

He transferred to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette at the beginning of his sophomore year. Here, he became a three-year starter and later took up captainship during his senior season. During this time, Joe completed over 540 passes and about 60 touchdowns.

He ran for 115 yards and returned about 6 kickoffs for touchdowns. Joe was also good at track and field as a sprinter on the track team. All these sporting skills earned him quite a number of honors while he was still a freshman.

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In 2017, Joe Burrow was released from Cleveland Browns after he failed to meet the demands of the contract he had signed with them. He gave his brother Cole his jersey number in order to help his family. He was then signed in as a free agent by the Detroit Lions and assigned to the team on September 2018.


Joe Burrow was born on 10th December 1996 in America. He is currently 25 years. His father was a great footballer who acted as his mentor until his retirement in 2013. When Burrow turned five his family moved to Rose Bowl.


Apart from Joseph Burrow, the footballer goes by several other names. Some of the best fantasy football names he goes by include: Burrowed Alive, Joevid 19, Jeaux Bureaux, The Joely Trinity, Joe-Ohio State, Joe Burrow, Tiger King, On Borrowed, Joe Coolamong others.


Joe met his girlfriend Olivia in 2018 while they were still in college. The couple has dated for four years since then. Olivia acts as Joe’s strongest support system since she is noted to cheer him in all his games. Olivia is a Data analyst, a professional that has earned a senior position in a senior company at Kroger. Her job entails creating dashboards, graphics, and delivery services.


It is confirmed that Joe earns $2 million from endorsements every year. Other sources earn him $4 million and $36 million annually. All these are due to the Cincinnati Bengals contract he signed in 2029. Other sponsorship deals earn Joe $24 million, and he gets a bonus of about $3 million at the end of the season.

Joe Burrow’s Cars

Joe owns quite a number of luxurious rides. He owns a Custom Lordstown in Ohio state, a Porsche Taycan Supercar, an Acura NSX Superride, and a golf cart. Joe’s first car was a custom-made Truck named ‘Endurance’. This Truck is painted the team’s colors.

Joe Burrow’s bio summary

Date of Birth 10th December 1996
Age  26
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Net worth  10 Million USD
Height 1.93 m
Weight 98 kg
Profession American Football Player
Nationality American
Parents Jim Burrow and Robin Burrow
Birth Place Ames, Iowa, United States
Relationship Status Dating Olivia
No of Children No kids
Hair Colour brown
Eye Colour blue


Some of Joe’s famous quotes include

I’ve won everywhere that I’ve been. I’ve never had a losing season in sports since I was five years old. I’m not a loser.”

“I just work hard every day, and I think that probably rubs off on people.”

Social Media and other facts about Joe Burrow

Joe keeps in touch with fans on his Instagram and Twitter pages. He has close to 2 million followers on Twitter and about 800 followers on Instagram. He has posted 130 activities drawn from his everyday life, family, achievements, traveling, and promoting products. The footballer doesn’t mind sharing unforgettable memories of himself and Olivia with his fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is the father of Joe Burrow?

His name is Jim Burrow. He was an NFL player and college football coach until his retirement in 2013.

2. Which companies did Joe sign with an endorsement deal?

Joe signed an endorsement deals with various companies, including Nike and Fanatics.

3. What is Joe Burrow’s net worth?

Joe’s net worth is 10 Million USD.

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