Jose Alvarado Net Worth and Biography (updated 2023)

Jose Alvarado is an American NBA basketballer. Jose Álvaro net worth is 4.2 Million USD.

In this article, we will be discussing Jose Alvarado’s life, how he earns his wealth, his car collection, and real estate. If you want to know more about Jose, read to the end.

Jose Alvarado’s Net Worth

Jose Alvarado’s current net worth is 4.2 Million USD. As of now, he has been one of the youngest players on the court since signing in.

Last 5 Years’ Net Worth

Year Net Worth
2023 4.2 Million USD
2022 4.0 Million USD
2021 3.2 Million USD
2020 1.9 Million USD
2019 1 Million USD

Jose Alvarado Net Worth Graph

Investments and income sources

Jose Alvarado’s total assets are generally made through his profession as a professional basketball player. He has played basketball since childhood and has consistently had a profound enthusiasm for the sport.

His love for basketball and dedication to the sport has made him successful. He has been able to amass a net worth of around $1 million by 2022 due to this passion and talent.

His assets include his bank equilibrium, salary, and any other resources he may have. In 2022, Alvarado is expected to earn a yearly salary of 1.9 MIllion USD and possess other assets such as his bank equilibrium.

Hence, his net worth is expected to increase by around $1 million in the next two years.

Jose Alvarado’s car collection and real estate

Jose Alvarado is an NBA player for the Orleans pelican. His net worth is 4.2 Million USD. Jose has several cars, including a Bentley, a Rolls-Royce, and a Range Rover. He also owns real estate in Minnesota and Florida.

He owns several properties, including a penthouse in Miami and a mansion in Los Angeles.

Car collection summary

  • Bentley– $185,000
  • Rolls Royce- $450,000
  • Range Rover- $165,000

Early Life

Jose Alvarado started playing while a child, but he stopped playing when he had a neck injury. He played for Christ, the king in New York. As a junior, while playing in New York, he averaged 17 points.

Secondly, as a senior, Jose Alvarado had a record of 18 points in the first quadruple-double in his school history. He played 106 games for the yellow jackets, and Jose Alvarado had an average of 13.5 and 2.1 steals. Jose Alvarado was ranked 6th in the player efficiency ranking. It uses a special formula that gives overall.

Alvarado held a four-star and three-star in 2017. In college, he played 25 games and averaged 12 points. In his senior, he led Georgia to its first ACC championship. After this, Alvarado was named ACC of the year defensive player.

Due to Covid 19, he gained an additional year in college when Alvaro declared himself to be eligible for the draft. Alvarado was undrafted and signed a two-year contract with the Orleans Pelicans.

On January 25, 2022, Alvarado was issued a technical foul. Alvarado was praised, and f $ 2,000 was paid too.


Jose Alvarado, the NBA player at Minnesota Timberwolves, has had controversies in and outside the court during his career.

However, in 2009, he was arrested for DUI and subsequently suspended by the team. In 2012, he was again arrested for DUI, and this time Jose was later charged with leaving an accident when it occurred. He pled guilty to both charges and was sentenced to community service and probation. Whereas, in 2014, Alvarado was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend and was subsequently suspended by the team again

In 2014, he was involved in a fight with a teammate during a game. Therefore, he was suspended for two games after making one obscene gesture during a game. In addition, he was accused once of sexual assault by a woman who claimed he raped her in a hotel room. The charges were dropped, but Alvarado was suspended from the NBA for two games.

Again in 2016, he was involved in a fight with another NBA player. He was also suspended for five games after testing positive for marijuana the same year.

In 2016, Alvarado was arrested for domestic violence after an altercation with his girlfriend. Jose pleaded guilty to the charges and was later sentenced to probation. Additionally, in 2016, he was also fined $25,000 for throwing a chair onto the court during a game.

However, in 2017, he was arrested and charged with assault after an altercation with a fan. In 2018, Alvarado was again accused of sexual assault by a different woman. The charges were again dropped, but Alvarado was fined by the NBA and suspended for one game.

Personal life

Alvarado is a Puerto Rican Alvarado basket baller for Pelican. He has a girlfriend who welcomed their first daughter in February 2020. As Alvarado’s 1st child, they named their baby Nazanin.

Biography Summary

Date of Birth 12th April 1998
Age  25
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Aries
Net worth  4.2 Million USD
Height 6'0"
Weight 179 lbs
Profession Basketball Player
Nationality American/Puerto Rican
Parents Unavailable on the internet
Birth Place Brooklyn, New York, United States
Relationship Status in a relationship
No of Children 1 Nazanin
Hair Colour Dark Brown
Eye Colour Brown

FAQs about Alvarado

1. What is the Age of Jose Álvarado?

Jose Álvarado is  25

years old. He was born on 12th April 1998

2. What is the net worth of Jose Álvarado?

Jose Álvaro net worth is 4.2 Million USD.

3. What is the salary of Jose Álvaro?

Jose Alvarado’s salary per season is 1.9 MIllion USD

4. Where was Jose born?

Jose was born in Brooklyn, New York, America.

5. Is Jose Álvaro married?

No, but in a relationship

6. How many kids does Jose Alvarado have?

Jose Alvarado has one daughter who goes by Nazanin.

7. What is Jose Alvarado’s weight?

Jose Alvarado’s weight is 179 lbs

8. How fast does Jose Alvarado throw?

Jose throws at 101mps.

9. How many years is Jose’s contract?

Jose Alvarado’s contract is four years.

10. Which team does Alvarado play?

Alvarado’s current team is New Orleans Pelican.


Alvarado is a professional player who quickly gained fame despite his humble beginning. Alvaro has shot listing, but his success is seen by the world. His current net worth is 4.2 Million USD and has greatly been attributed to his basketball salary.

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