Leonardo DiCaprio Net Worth and Biography (updated 2023)

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio, famously known as Leonard DiCaprio, is an American producer, Actor, activist, and philanthropist. His net worth is estimated to be  260 Million USD. Leonardo is one of Hollywood’s most famous and finest actors and the entire film industry.

The American Actor has been in the game for more than 25 years. Therefore, 70% of people who watch Nollywood movies know him. Since 1995 when he began his career, the Actor has appeared in several movies and other films.

Here, we will discuss the Hollywood master and king of thrillers, Leonardo DiCaprio. Whenever sorting amazing Hollywood movies, Leonardo’s name always tops. His fame and dominance in the movie industry make people research more about him.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Net Worth

Leonardo DiCaprio is an icon and hero in the movie industry. His net worth is  260 Million USD. His net worth comprises salaries, endorsements, backend points, business ventures, and real estate investments.

Below is the net worth distribution table of Leonardo DiCaprio in the past five years.

Year Net Worth
2023 260 Million USD
2022 240 Million USD
2021 237.4 Million USD
2020 201 Million USD
2019 195 Million USD

Leonardo DiCaprio Networth Graph

Early Life

On November 11, 1974, in Los Angeles, California, a charming baby boy, Mr. Leonardo, was born. Leonardo was the only son of George DiCaprio, a Writer and publisher, and Irmelin, a legal secretary. His father is of German and Italian descent, whereas his maternal grandfather was German.

The Actor was named after the Leonardo da Vince painting in the Uffizi museum. Leonardo had a stepbrother, Adam Farrar, with whom he spent his early days. At age 1, his father fell in love with another lady, forcing them to relocate into a twin cottage in Echo park.

Later, Leonardo and her mother relocated to Los Feliz, where she was employed in numerous jobs. He attended the Los Angeles Center of Enriched Studies for his early education and later joined the John Marshall High School. However, his high school studies did not last for long. He dropped out of high school in his third year of study.

Career Life

Initially, his career was to become a Marine Biologist. However, as he grew, he developed a love for acting and other audition-related works. In addition, his stepbrother’s appearance on Television, where he earned $50,000, motivated Leonardo’s career path.

As a teenager, he appeared in several movies and children’s shows. Some shows he featured include Bubble Yum, Kraft Foods, and Apply Jacks. At 14, he landed a commercial deal with the Matchbox Company.

Leonardo made his debut in Hollywood by appearing in commercial and Television shows, including The New Lassie and Roseanne. In 1991, he featured in a recurring role in the Growing Pains and Criters movies, and this was his greatest breakthrough.

In 1993, he starred This Boy’s Life, his first starring role, earning him fame in the movie industry. He was then featured in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? Movie and the movie earned him more praise and fame.

In 1996, he appeared in another eye-catching movie, William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, which grossed more than $148 million. He later starred in the film Titanic in 1997, which outshined all other movies and box office records.

His career had an upward trend, and he continued to star in several legendary movies. In 2016, he won the Best Actor Award at the Academy Awards. Following his success in the movie industry, he won another award as the Best Actor for the Aviator in the Golden Globe Awards.

Summary of movies that features Leonardo

They include:

  • Romeo & Juliet, 1996
  • Titanic, 1997
  • The Beach, 2000
  • Catch Me If You Can, 2002
  • Gangs Of New York, 2002
  • The Departed, 2006
  • Blood Diamond, 2006
  • Shutter Island, 2010
  • The wolf of Wall Street, 2013
  • The Revenant, 2015
  • Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, 2019
  • Don’t Look Up, 2021

Leonardo’s Monthly/Yearly salary and Income

Leonardo is one of the best actors of all time. His fame in the movie industry is somehow directly proportional to his earnings. He is one of the richest and high-paid actors worldwide. His total monthly Income is estimated to be around 3 Million USD, whereas his yearly Income can go up to 3 Million USD.

In his early days in the game (movies industry), Leonardo got his first biggest paycheck of $1 million from the Basketball Diaries movie. Unlike other celebrities who are paid monthly, actors are paid upon movie release. That means actors can earn more than once a month.

Today, to have Leonardo featured in your movie, you need to part way with not less than $20 million. Let us now summarize some of the highest-paying roles of Leonardo in his career.

Don’t Look Up – $30 million

Gangs Of New York – $ 10 million

Catch Me If You Can – $20 million

The Departed – $20 million

Blood Diamond – $20 million

Inception – $59 million

The Revenant – $30 million

The Great Gatsby – $20 million

The Beach – $20 million

Endorsement and Real Estate Investment

Other than acting, Leo is involved in other Income generating businesses. He’s a brand; therefore, many companies have endorsed him as the face of their product. He has partnered with several companies worldwide.

For example, Leo has been Tag Heuer watches’ brand ambassador for many years. He appears in the advertisement videos and other print ads of the brand, and through this, he earns more than $5 million.

Since his early days in the movie industry, he has appeared in commercial videos and movies. Jim Beam of Japan, for example, has been using this movie icon in their commercial videos.

Additionally, you may be right to say Leo is an investor tycoon. He was among the first investors in the Fake Meat Company, which was famous in 2019, and he earned more than $ 4 million from the investment.

Leonardo’s Houses and Properties

Mr. Leonardo has a handful of properties and houses. He owns several properties and real estate in different parts of America. He purchased his first Oceanfront Malibu home in 1988, which cost him $1.6 million. Later in 2015, he started leasing the house for $25,000- $50,000 per month. Finally, he sold the house in 2021 for $10.3 million.

Besides the oceanfront he sold, he owns two other two oceanfront homes in Malibu. The value of each house is estimated to be more than $20 million. In southern California, he owns several homes. He has two in Hollywood hills and two located near Silver Lake.

In 2017, he increased the number of his homes in Malibu. He spent $23 million to purchase a plot of land in Malibu. To add to his property list, he paid $14 million to own another mansion in Malibu.

In New York City, Leonardo owns two apartments. The first apartment is a 2.5 bedroom he purchased in 2014 for $10 million. The other apartment is worth $11.7 million. Recently, Leonardo bought another mansion in Beverly Hills for $9.9 million.

Leonardo’s Car collection

Like any other celebrity, Leonardo has a good car garage. He owns cars from the best brands. With a net worth of  260 Million USD, we expect him to have luxurious and high-class cars, which he has.

Here is the list of some of the cars you can find in Leonardo’s garage:

  • Lamborghini – $249,400
  • Audi Q7- $57,500
  • Fisker Karma- $83, 000
  • Tesla - $200,000
  • Toyota Prius - $24,210
  • Volvo XC90 - $63,450
  • Porsche Caynne - $127,800

Nominations and Awards

Leonardo is a key player in the Movie industry. Being a star in Hollywood, his name has been featured in numerous Awards and nominations categories.

He has been nominated in several different Awards categories. Some of the nomination categories where his name has appeared include the Academy Awards, British Academy Film Awards, MTV & TV Awards, and People’s Choice Awards, among many others.

Other than nominations, Leonardo has won several notable awards. These Awards include The Academy Awards, The Golden Globe Awards, Irish Film & Television Academy Awards, among others.

Leonardo’s net worth and Biography Summary

Date of Birth November 11, 1974
Age  48
Gender Male
Net worth  260 Million USD
Height 1.83 m
Weight 77 kgs
Profession Actor, Film producer
Nationality American
Birth Place Los Angeles
Relationship Status Complicated
No of Children 0
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Religion Catholic
Zodiac sign Scorpio

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the net worth of Leonardo DiCaprio?

His net worth is estimated to be 2023. In addition, his total monthly Income is estimated to be around 3 Million USD, whereas his yearly Income can go up to 36 Million USD.

2. How old was Leonardo on Titanic?

He was 21 years old at the time when Titanic movie was released.

3. Who is Leonardo’s Best friend?

Leonardo has several friends, but Tobey Maguire is his favorite. They have the longest friendship in Hollywood. They met back in 1980 as kid actors.

4. How old is Leonardo DiCaprio?

Leonardo DiCaprio is 48 years old. He was born on November 11, 1974.


Therefore, Leonardo DiCaprio is a famous and successful actor from the Hollywood family. He’s an actor and film producer with a net worth of  260 Million USD. His name has been featured in numerous Awards and nominations categories.

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