Malaki Branham Net Worth, Age, Career, and Biography (updated 2023)

Malaki Branham is an American pro player for Sun Antonio Spurs of the NBA (National Basketball Association). The young champ also played for college basketball at Ohio State Buckeyes. He was born to Matia on May 12, 2003, but the father’s information is unknown. The other person close to and who has helped him grow is his Grandmother.

On social media platforms, Grandmother says he has been encouraging the young champion to be the man he is coming up to be. Chris Holtmann, his coach, shared good news after receiving good feedback from the NBA. He said Malaki was picked in the first round, But Malaki didn’t specify that.

Malaki’s NBA journey started this year (2022); he believes his skills will improve after he meets with the NBA team and goes through workouts. As of 2022, the young champion is 20 years old. His net worth is approximately 3 Million USD. His primary income source is basketball salary, contracts, and endorsement.

Maybe when he was in college, he received some enticement gifts after bagging many awards and nailing astonishing achievements, but it is unknown how much he bagged.

Malaki Branham Salary, Contract, and, Endorsement.

San Antonio Spurs has signed Malaki Branham, their first-round pick to a Rookie Scale contract. The young NBA star will earn $ 2.92 million as a prospect and $ 14 million in four seasons. He is expected to bag 120% of the Rookie scale amount.

Below is his projected salary with San Antonio Spurs

  • For 2022/23, he will earn $ 2.92 Million.
  • For 2023/24, it’s believed he will earn $ 3 million the following season $ 3 million.
  • 2025/26, he will bag $ 4.96 million.
  • 2026/27, he will earn $ 7 Million.

Antonio spur has a plan for the young star. According to Google and other reliable online sources, the young champion’s net worth is approximately 3 Million USD.

Year Net Worth
2023 3 Million USD
2022 2.3 Million USD
2021 1 Million USD
2020 0.5 Million USD
2019 0.3 Million USD

Malaki Branham Net Worth Graph

Salary Fun Facts about Malaki Branham.

  1. He is the 296th best-paid in 2022; he will be the 258th best-paid NBA player next year.
  2. He is 138th best-paid guard in 2022, and in 2023, he will be the 120th best-paid guard next year.
  3. In San Antonio Spurs, he is the best 11th-paid player; next year, he will be the 8th paid in San Antonio Spurs.

Early Life and High School Career.

He was born in 2003 and was raised in Columbus, Ohio (United States of America). In the 5th grade, Malaki trained with Jason Dawson in Columbus. They moved to Akron, Ohio, and he attended St Vincent- St Mary High School.

The young champion has another factor that propelled him up and fast, his Grandmother. He went to Akron St. Vincent-St Mary, and the Grandmother, Luzon, always told him a 3-word phrase (Do You). We also have Uncle Lawrence, who has had his back for a long time.

He told people the NBA feedback was the only considerable feedback he had been waiting for some time. It is believed that Malaki is the first since D’Angelo Russel in 2015 to be a one-and-done player of Chris Holtmann. He is the second player from the last team to declare for the NBA.

It is believed that this phrase has led him to become the champion and bag those accolades. Now he is living his dream, being committed to his dream step-level team.

He bagged two state championships at St Vincent- St Mary in 2018 and 2021. He was titled first-team All-Ohio in his junior and senior seasons. In his senior season, he averaged 1.8 steals, 2.7 assists, 5.1 rebounds, and 21.3 points. He was named Ohio Mr. Basketball in his senior season and then Jordan and Classic, which was rescheduled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Malaki Branham was a consensus four-star recruit and ranked Ohio’s best player. On July 22, 2020, he went for Ohio State for college basketball over Ohio State over other offers like Alabama, Baylor, and Lowa.

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Malaki Branham College Career.

Branham began his college career on the bench and became the regular starter. He bagged career-high 35 points in a win against Nebraska after the Covid-19 pause for a month. Malaki nailed 31, 27, and 22 points in a three-month game in February. He averaged two assists, 13.7 points, and 3.6 rebounds as a freshman.

The young icon was titled Third Team All-Big Ten and Big Ten Freshman of the year. On April 1, 2022, he announced the 2022 NBA draft while keeping his college eligibility. Malaki signed an agent and went ahead without remaining college eligibility. He was seen as a potential lottery prospect in the draft.

Malaki Branham Professional Career.

For the 2022 NBA draft, he was picked by the San Antonio Spurs in the 20th Overall pick. The young icon joined the Spurs’ 2022 NBA Summer League team. In his Summer League Journey, he bagged 15 points on a loss against Cleveland Cavaliers. On July 8, 2022, Malaki signed A rookie Scale Contract with the Spurs.

Malaki Branham social media presence.

Malaki Branham is very active on the social media platform. On Instagram, he has been computing about basketball-related content. He also posts his clothing style and other personal posts. Other content about him and his friends in the court

He is also on a Twitter platform where he has over 8.5k followers. His cover image has a strong message that says to believe you have the power to make your dream real. If you can perceive it in your intellect, you can clutch it in your hand.

On Instagram, he is seen posting Gifs praising him from players and images about him and his skills, which is pretty cool. One of the images talks about his dream. His dream growing up is to be a player in the NBA league.

The young icon also loves his college team Ohio State where he is seen creating animation and GIFs exposing his team.

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Malaki Branham Wiki

Date of Birth May 12th ,2003
Full Name Malaki Branham
Age 20 years
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Update soon
Net worth  3 Million USD
Height 1.93 m
Weight 82 kg
Profession Basketball Player
Position Shooting Guard / small forward
League NBA
NBA team San Antonia Spurs
Nationality American
Parents Father: Unknown

Mother: Matia

Grandmother: Luzano Branham

Birth Place Columbus, Ohio, United States
Relationship Status Single
No of Children None
Hair Colour Light Ash Blonde
Eye Colour Moss Green

Frequently Asked Questions About Malaki Branham.

1. Where and when was Malaki Branham born?

Malaki was born on May 12, 2003. The young prospect was born in Columbus, Ohio State in the United States of America. As of today (2022), Malaki is 20 years. He joined the NBA draft this year and was picked in the first round by the San Antonio Spurs.

Malaki has not shared any information about his parents or early life; visit our website for new updates.

2. What is Malaki Branham net worth?

There needs to be more specific information about Malaki Branham. According to Google and other sources, his net worth is approximately 3 Million USD. Now that he has joined the NBA, we expect to see more progress in assets and money.

3. Will Malaki Branham pull through the NBA?

Malaki Branham has pulled many things that other players who dream about the NBA haven’t pulled off. First, Malaki was picked in the first round by the NBA, which shows that he is skilled for starters. When we come to awards, the young champion has bagged more than five, and they are a pretty gold mine.

  • Big Ten Freshman of the Year in 2022.
  • Big Ten All-Freshman Team in 2022.
  • Third Team All-Big Ten In 2022.
  • was selected for the Jordan Brand Classic in 2021.
  • Ohio, Mr. Basketball in 2021.

Trust me is ready to show the world who he is. The Grandmother always tells him to do what he can. The phrase is DO YOU.

4. Who are Malaki Branham parents?

Malaki Branham was born in Columbus, Ohio, in the United States, to Matia (Mother). The NBA player has not released any information concerning his parents or siblings. The only person who is close and known to many of his fans is his Grandmother.

Grandmother Luzon Branham says he has helped him to achieve his career by advising him most of the time. We also have his uncle Lawrence is also supportive of his dream.

According to our sources, there needs to be more information about his parent’s grind, nationality, and ethnicity. They have always shown him love and support, and at some point, they pushed him to work hard. The result is here he is progressing well, and there are high hopes for him.

Malaki Branham Award and Achievement.

Malaki Branham is a compelling basketball prospect who is patient, letting plays and spacing set up while merely turning the ball. With little experience as starting guard, but he is highly productive. He became the second-leading Scorer in the last season with Buckeyes.

At 19 years, he knew his role and took it seriously with much focus; he nearly got 50% from the field in just ten strives in each game and was 42% from deep with just 2.8 seconds in each trial. The young champion can score all three levels; his game has an accurate mid-range shot, which many prospects have not seen over a long time.

Some people will think it’s easy to pull this off but trust me, the young icon has put much work into this. His skills against young guard opponents made him strive a lot on the court, and he is considered a star with record-breaking in the NBA. He had much support from his parents and Grandmother.

Stop questioning if he can handle the NBA because he is a champion to me. Getting into the NBA is also hard many have tried.

Below are some of his Achievements and Awards,

  1. Malaki was named the Big Ten Freshman of the Year in 2022.
  2. He earned Big Ten All-Freshman Team in 2022.
  3. He was named the third Team All-Big Ten In 2022.
  4. He was chosen for the Jordan Brand Classic in 2021.
  5. The young champion was named Ohio Mr. Basketball in 2021.

People tend to say it was luck. Don’t listen to that. He is working hard for this. As you can see on his handles, he says his dream was to get into the NBA, and he succeeded in it. We expect much from his skills.


Branham Malaki is an Unquestionable top basketball player in the world within his Division. Many websites and people say he only met inexperienced basketball players in college and high school; they are wrong. The champ has shown much progress since he started his career.

He has a supportive family; now, he has a good coach. According to him, after the meeting, the NBA team and do workouts with his team. To Malaki Branham, his Grandmother Luzano helped him a lot, giving him advice from when he started playing basketball.

The young champion is covered in every corner, and he will surprise you. At the rate the young icon’s abilities are growing fast, shortly, he will be one of the wealthiest, most famous, and most talented NBA basketball players in the world. In the 2022 NBA draft, he showed the world how happy he was to get his dream finally. The family came to support him and also came to listen to what he said.

Malaki Branham is perfect in every angle and scenario to be in the NBA, though the difficulty is different, and the people there are very competitive. He is willing to face them and do what is necessary.

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