Miguel Almiron Net Worth 2023 and Biography

Miguel Almiron Angel Rejala is a professional footballer. He is a Paraguayan who plays for the Paraguayan National Team and the Newcastle United club in the English Premier League.

His position is that of an attacking midfielder or a winger; he is so skilled in this area to the extent that it is clearly visible in almost all the games that he participates in. Currently, he has a net worth of 8 Million USD.

He has brought so much victory to the team, Newcastle United has been seen to rise to better places, and its future is pretty promising due to the ability of professional footballers who know what they can offer and actually strive to ensure that they have delivered without fail.

Miguel Almiron Net Worth

The net worth of Miguel Almiron is estimated to be about 8 Million USD, and that of the market value is about twenty-five million euros. He is the most expensive player that Newcastle has ever bought, I do not doubt that he is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to the players receiving the crème de la crème salary.

Furthermore, this figure can be seen to rise in the future because of the skills that he possesses, he is such an asset, and Newcastle united is so lucky to have him as their player, as it can be seen he has brought so much victory to the team.

Miguel Almiron Net Worth in the last 5 years

The figures are estimated to be:

Year Net Worth
2023 8 Million USD
2022 7.6 Million USD
2021 7.1 Million USD
2020 6.4 Million USD
2019 5.4 Million USD

Miguel Almiron

Investment and income sources

Regarding investments and income sources, he signed a five-year contract with the Newcastle United team, including an average salary of about £2,201 000.

This is more than amazing; all this income is due to his skills and ability to deliver. Football seems to be the main source of his income, and as we can all attest, it serves him right. Who wouldn’t want to have the figures he is making?

Early Life

Miguel comes from a pretty humble background, his father, Ruben, was a security guard who worked for about 18 hours shift, while his mother, Sonia, worked in a supermarket. They were seven in his family, so they had to share the three-bedroom house; this caused him to sleep with his mother until when he was 18 years old. His football career began when he was young, as early as seven years old, when he joined Club 3 de Noviembre.

However, his coaches discouraged him that he could not make it to get a professional footballer because he was a weakling. He didn’t take that in since he knew deep down that he was destined for greatness. Furthermore, he has grown to be a Christian, which is evident because he has two tattoos on his arms.


Jack Grealish, a winger for Manchester City and England, apologized to Miguel Almiron after he made a degrading remark to the Newcastle United superstar. He said that he had been carried away by a few drinks, which made him make those remarks. He even described the incident as one of his regrets.

On the other hand, Almiron used this to fuel him to even greater heights and ensure that he has fulfilled his ambitions. This can be seen because he already has eight goals and one that was an assist in the Premier League before the World Cup break.

This was a very mature way of handling things, he focused on himself rather than the negative energy that was being thrown at him, and in return, he ended up even shining more. We all should emulate Miguel Almiron, I already feel like I have much to learn from him.

Miguel Almiron Biography Summary

Almiron started his football career way back, in a place known as Cerro Porteno, and then in 2015 he was transferred to Lanus. He made his international debut for Paraguayan in 2015, representing the country in Copa America in 2016, 2019, and 2021.

From there, he has been seen to rise with each opportunity given up to the position that he is in today.  It is believed that he was bought for about $21 million. He has really taken the club to the next level.

Date of Birth 10/02/1994
Age  29
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Net worth  8 Million USD
Height 1.74 M
Weight 63 kg
Profession Football Player
Nationality Paraguayan
Parents Sonia Almiron, and father, Reuben Almiron
Birth Place Asunción, Paraguay
Relationship Status Married to Alexia Notto
No of Children One son: Francesco
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black

Car Collection

Under the car collection, Almiron owns a classy Mercedes-Benz. It is white in color, and this was a great choice. His car can be seen from the fact that he arrived at the training ground for Newcastle while spinning it. Bravo Miguel Almiron!

Frequently asked questions

1. How old is Miguel Almiron?

Miguel is 29 years old. He was born on 10th February 1994.

2. Which nationality does he belong to?

He is a national of Paraguayan. Moreover, he was born in a place known as Asuncion.

3. Does he have a family? 

Yes, Miguel is a family man, he married Alexxia Motto in November 2016, and the couple has also been blessed with a kid born in June 2021.


I get so much inspiration from the footballer. He clearly indicates that religion is vital, regardless of who or where you are coming from. If you believe in your religion, then surely God will fight for you. When you are a nobody, he will make you somebody. He will definitely turn your story from a zero to a hero.

Through him, we see that your past doesn’t really matter. What matters is your vision. From a humble background, yet now he is financially well off, it shows that anyone can make it. You just have to believe in yourself and work extremely smart. Then with no doubt, I’m sure you will fly high and achieve every desire that you have.

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