Mo Bamba’s Net Worth and Biography (updated 2023)

Mo Bamba, who goes by the real name Mohamed Fakaba Bamba is a famous basketball star. His net worth is about 13 Million USD.

This article will tell you more about Mo Bamba’s assets, salary, and career. To know more about his earnings and spending, read to the end.

Mo Bamba’s net worth

Mo Bamba’s current net worth is 13 Million USD. Let’s look at his net worth in the last five years.

Year Net Worth
2023 13 Million USD
2022 10 Million USD
2021 9 Million USD
2020 8 Million USD
2019 5 Million USD

Mo Bamba Net Worth Graph


Mo Bamba joined one of Pennsylvania’s top boys’ schools by name Canaan, the new hemisphere. It was among the main prospect in 2017.

Finally, Bamba played for his career at Texas University. While his innovative goal was to grow from 231 p to 240 p, he surpassed it to 250 and became as high as 258. Later it became steady at 252 after resuming full-court basketball drills.

Bamba appeared at the university on November 10, 2017, contradicting the northwest state recording eight rebounds in a puncture win that night.

On December 30, Bamba scored a season-high 22 points, with 15 rebounds and eight blocks in Kansas.

After five days, he bound his previous scores.16 points and 16 rebounds. On June 21, Bamba was the sixth to be given a place in the NBA draft with Orlando magic. On July 3, he signed a beginner endorsement agreement.

Mo Bamba played his first game after signing and scored well with twelve points and several back balls.

Mo Bamba made his first appearance on October 17, 2018. After his progression, Bamba went from the cardigan to Westtown School in Westtown, Pennsylvania.

Furthermore, Mo Bamba hit fourteen points in junior school, with eleven rebounds and six blocks averaged, which is one of his achievements.

Mo Bamba Car Collections and Real Estate

It is said success is not success. If one does not stumble from one failure to another without loss, the better part is not giving up. From this saying, we can see how Mo Bamba is successful.

Firstly, Mo Bamba, an NBA player for the Orlando Magic, has an impressive car collection and real estate portfolio. Bamba, only 25 years old, has already amassed a large fortune and is investing his money wisely—telling us more about the basketballer.

Bamba’s car collection includes a rolls-royce, a Bentley, and a Lamborghini. he also owns a fleet of luxury cars, including a Mercedes-Benzes, a Porsche, and an Audi. Bamba’s real estate portfolio is equally impressive, with properties in New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Bamba is wise beyond his years when it comes to investing his money. He is setting himself up financially and professionally for a bright future. Basketballer Mo Bamba has an impressive car collection and real estate portfolio. Bamba is classic and an investor.

He also owns multiple properties, including a penthouse in Manhattan. Bamba’s success is a testament to his hard work and dedication. He is a hard-working player in NBA, and his dedication has paid off both on and off the court.

At just 25 years old, Mo Bamba has already accomplished a lot. He was the sixth to be picked in the 2018 NBA draft playing for the Orlando Magic. In addition to his basketball career, Mo is also an entrepreneur and investor.

Mo aims to provide a one-stop shop for luxury car buyers. However, His latest venture is a luxury car dealership called MB Car Collection. The MB Car Collection offers a wide range of high-end cars, including Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and Rolls-Royces.

So far, Mo’s businesses have been very successful.

In addition to the dealership, Mo owns a real estate company called Bamba Properties. Bamba Properties specializes in developing luxury properties in major cities around the world.

Basketballer Mo Bamba has an impressive car collection and real estate portfolio. His car dealership has sold over $1 million in cars, and his real estate company has developed properties in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami. With so much success, it’s clear that Bamba is destined for big things!

Ma Bamba is also a philanthropist as he has invested time in the babyhood counseling program in America. Showing as he is a people person

Car collection summary

  • Rolls Royce $450,000
  • Bentley $202,500
  • Lamborghini $203,674
  • Mercedes Benz $34,990
  • Audi $41,800
  • Porsche $64,547

Early life

Mohamed Bamba is an NBA basketballer born in May 1998 in new york city. He is the son of two parents, Lancine Bamba and Aminata Johnson.

Mo Bamba relocated from the ivory coast, but his ancestors came from mali, their original coast, who relocated from Ivory Coast.

Mo Bamba first became interested in basketball at Age six. The game’s popularity inspired Mo Bamba in his hometown legacy, which is good because basketballer Bamba’s career was not a result of family pressure.

It is said that MO Bamba was suspended from the University of Texas basketball team for violating team rules. In 2018. He was also accused of assaulting a fan at a nightclub the same year.

In addition, he joined Cardigan Mountain School, which was in Canaan, New Hampshire, and Westtown School, which was located in West Chester, Pennsylvania. It was one of the city’s most performing high schools in 2017, an all-boys boarding school.

However, His older brother, Sidiki Johnson, also played college basketball at Arizona, Providence. Another member of his family was his distant brother Ibrahim Johnso,n who once played college basketball at multiple universities, including Farmingdale State.

Hence this shows that the basketball thing runs in the family, which also shows mo Bamba’s abilities run straight from the family geans.


In his short time in the NBA, Mo Bamba has already been involved in a few controversies. The most recent was when he was caught on camera using a homophobic slur. He has also been criticized for his lack of effort in court and his relationship with an older woman.

In 2016, Mo Bamba was arrested for possessing illegal drugs, e.g., marijuana.

Mo Bamba played college basketball for the texas longhorns. As a freshman in 2016–17, he was given the title of big 12 Defensive Player of the year and to All-Big 12 second team.

In May 2018, during his rookie season with the Orlando Magic, Mo Bamba was embroiled in several controversies. First, he was accused of disrespecting a female fan who asked for his autograph after a match.

Then, he was criticized for posts on social media that some interpreted as anti-Semitic. Finally, he was involved in a fight with another player during a game. Despite the controversies, Bamba has remained a popular player.

He is known for his charitable work off the court, and teammates and coaches have praised him for his positive attitude. And he is also a go-getter.

Mo Bamba was suspended from the University of Texas basketball team for violating team rules. In 2018, he was accused of assaulting a fan at a nightclub.

In his sophomore season, he has named a consensus first-team All-American. After forgoing his final two years of collegiate eligibility, Bamba was selected sixth in the NBA pick 2018 draft magic.

In December 2018, a video surfaced of Bamba smoking what appeared to be an illegal substance. While it is unclear what exactly Bamba was smoking, many people speculated that it was marijuana. However, Bamba denied these claims and said he was smoking tobacco.

In February 2019, Bamba was involved in another controversy when he commented on social media about the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Bamba later apologized for his comments and said he had no idea of the full extent of what happened that day.

Despite these controversies, Mo Bamba remains a popular player on the Orlando Magic and is one of the team’s most promising young players.

Personal life

He is in a long-distance relationship with Ibby Fischer, a high school senior. Mo Bamba does not have a manager, something rare among NBA players. But has Lenox partners co-founder with Greer love.

He is also a babyhood counselor. He is also doing charity work apart from being an NBA basketball star.

Mo Bamba is an extremely talented NBA basketball player that has the potential to be a future all-star in the league. His unique combination of size, athleticism, and shooting ability.

Mo Bamba, despite having a flite of vehicles. We don’t know how he drives, but this is one of his phobias. He dislikes overspeeding vehicles.

Mo Bamba had trouble adding weight as he was slender while growing up, but his height was just perfect, that is, 7ft. He reached his goal aim .mo Bamba worked himself up for this to go away, and it was a success, as he is now at the right weight.

Mo has an additional family member, or we can say, a distant cousin. I also played university basketball at numerous universities. We are counting both Farmingdale State and Montevallo. Hence shows that the genes run in the family.

Mo Bamba Biography Summary

As of now, Bamba is 25 years. His sign or horoscope helps him achieve goals. Mo Chinese horoscope sign is Tiger helps him in the fixtures, and the body as the sign says.

Date of Birth 12 May 1998
Age  25
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Net worth  13 Million USD
Height 2.13 m
Weight 105 kg
Profession Professional Basketball Player
Nationality American
Club Orlando Magic
Birth Place Harlem network
Relationship Status Single but dating
No of Children Uknown
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black


1. What’s the Age of Mo Bambo?

Mo Bamba is 25 years old.

2. What is the net worth of Mo Bamba?

Mo Bamba’s net worth is estimated to be 13 Million USD.

3. Mo bamba car collection?

Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini Mercedes Benzes, and Porsche

4. Is mo Bamba married?

Mo Bamba is currently Single but dating

5. Does Mo Bamba have siblings?

Yes, Mo Bamba has two siblings.

6. What is Mohamed Bamba jersey number?

Mohamed Bamba’s jersey number is 5.


In conclusion, Mo Bamba is an extremely talented NBA basketball player that has the potential to be a future all-star in the league. His unique size, athleticism, and shooting ability make him a very dangerous player on both ends.

While he still has some areas of his game that need to be improved, such as his decision-making and overall understanding of the game.

This shows that the basketball thing runs in the family, which also shows Mo Bamba’s abilities run straight from the family geans.

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