Nic Claxton Net Worth, Family, Relationship and Biography 2023

Nicolas Devir Claxton is a pro-American Basketball player for the Brooklyn Net of the NBA (National Basketball Association). He also played college basketball for the Georgia Bulldogs.

He was born on April 17, 1999, in Greenville in the United States of America, to Charles Claxton and Nicole Claxton. As to online reports and records, Nic is among the Richest basketball players and the most popular player in the NBA.

He is also listed as the most popular celebrity born in the United States.

As of 2023, his net worth is approximately 7 Million USD. The main source of income is basketball Contracts, salary, and endorsements.

In this article, we will look at everything you need to know about Nic Claxton.

Nic Claxton’s Net worth contracts and salary

As of 2023, his net worth is approximately 7 Million USD. He signed a two year-contracts with Brooklyn Net worth $ 17.25 Million. The deal includes a $ 17.25 Million guarantee with an annual salary of $ 8.625 Million and a base salary of $ 8.5 Million.

The deal carries a cap hit of $ 8.5 Million and a dead value of $ 8.5 Million. Apart from salary and contracts, he also received incentives of $ 2.8 million.

Nic Claxton has yet to sign the endorsement deals with a major corporation. He has little experience in the NBA but is eligible for big Contracts.

Year Net Worth
2023 7 Million USD
2022 6.8 Million USD
2021 5.3 Million USD
2020 5.2 Million USD
2019 4 Million USD

Nic Claxton Net Worth Graph

Fun Facts about Nic’s Salary

  • Nic was the 167th best-paid player in the NBA in 2022, and in 2021, he was the 394th best-paid player in the NBA.
  • Nic was the 25th best-paid player in the NBA in 2022, and in 2021, he was the 5th best-paid player.
  • He is the 6th best-paid player in Brooklyn net and, last year, was the 17th best-paid player in Brooklyn net.
  • He has four agents: Steve Heumann, Aaron Mintz, Austin Brown, and Rich Beda.

He has played for Brooklyn Net for over four seasons, and his salary was $898 310 in the 2019/20 season. For the 2022/21 season, his salary was $ 1,517,981, and for the 2021/22 season, his salary was $ 1,782,621.

He earned a total of $ 4,198,912 with Brooklyn Net.

According to our reliable sources, he is among the richest basketball players in the NBA and the most popular player. His primary source of income is Basketball Salary contracts and Endorsements.

Nice Claxton High School Career and College Career.

Nicolas averaged 2.9 Blocks, 7.8 rebounds, and 17.4 points in their senior season in every game. In Charter School history, he became the first player to record 1,000 careers. He attended Legacy Charter School in Green Ville, South Carolina.

He became a three-star recruit and chose Georgia Bulls over South Carolina, NC State, Florida, and Baylor.

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Nice Claxton Professional Career.

In the 2019 NBA draft, Nicholas was selected by the Brooklyn net as the 31st overall pick on June 20, 2019. On July 7, it was announced by Brooklyn Net that they had signed Nicolas. He suffered an injury (Hamstring) on January 2020. He also signed for the G league affiliate. He played for the Long Island Nets.

He went through surgery arthroscopic labrum repair surgery on his shoulder. He missed the 2019/20 season. In the final game for the 2021-22 season, he missed his 1st ten throws, and they lost against Boston Celtics. According to the New York Post, the strategy used to nail Brooklyn Net by the Boston Celtics was also used against Shaquille O’Neal.

On July 7, 2022, he signed again with the Brooklyn Net for two Years.

National Team Career. (Nics Claxton)

Nicolas Claxton also played for the National Team of the United States Virgin Islands. He went and played for the Under 15 Championship in Panama City. And he averaged a double-double of 11.8 rebounds, 10.6 points in every game.

He also represented the United States in the Under 17 Championship in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and he averaged eight rebounds per game. He also participated in the under-18 Championship in Valdivia in Chile, in the 2016 FIBA Americans Under-18.

In 2019 he also played for the United States in the 2019 FIBA World Cup. Here he joined the Senior team at the Virgin Islands National Team.

Nicolas Claxton Family and Relationship

Nics Claxton is the son of Charles Claxton and Nicole Claxton. The love of basketball run in the family, as Charles was once a basketball player in the NBA for the Boston Celtics. Charles is a Virgin Islands, and he played College basketball for Georgia.

Hi brother, too; he plays basketball for the younger division. He plays Division I basketball for the Winthrop Eagles.

The whole family loves basketball, and they are doing marvelously in their profession. At the moment, Nicolas Claxton is not dating anyone. According to records, he has not been in any relationships in the past. He is avoiding distractions and focusing on his career.

Most fans compliment him on his appearance, but he doesn’t know what to put out in his private life or if he is not dating anyone.

He doesn’t have any kids, and we hope for much in the future from him.

Fun Facts about Nicolas Claxton

  • In 2023, Nics has over 132K followers on Instagram and over 30 posts. On Twitter, he has over 14.8k followers. With over 15 posts.
  • He became the first player in his High School to bag over 1000 career points. As a result, he became the fourth-best player in his school.
  • Charles Claxton was born in St Thomas, so Nics is eligible to play for the United State Virgin Islands.
  • He chose Georgia over other amazing campuses like North Carolina, Baylor University, Florida State University, and the University of South Carolina.
  • His father played basketball for the Boston Celtics, and his brother now plays for the Division I basketball team.
  • He is enlisted as the Most popular basketball player and one of the Richest basketball players in the NBA. According to records, he is one the most famous player born in the United States.
  • Brooklyn Nets selected him with the 31st overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft.
  • His Jersey number is number thirty-three (33).
  • In 2019, he was named the Second-Team All-SEC coach 2019.

Nicholas Claxton Social media presence

Nicholas Claxton is very active on social media, with over 14.8k followers. He has seen computing basketball-related content that’s clips and images. He is also seen thanking God for the far he has come from.

As usual, NBA players post about their workouts, training, and looks. He is also seen posting about his lifestyle.

The same goes for an Instagram account, where he has over 133k followers with 35 posts. He computes mostly about his clothing, lifestyle, and basketball content.

On social media, we learn more about our star’s life, pets, other skills they possess, and their dreams and goals. On social media, we see Claxton trying boxing as one of his way to work out. If you want to follow him, search the user name nicolasclaxton on Instagram and Clax on Twitter.

Nicholas Claxton is on other social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and many others. Some social media accounts are not his, mostly his fans, critics, and Brooklyn nets Accounts. For example, YouTube.

The Facebook account he could be more active on Facebook but very active on Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Nicholas Claxton’s Career Stats

2022-2023 11.9 8.3 1.5 73.8
2021-2022 8.7 5.6 0.9 67.4
2020-2021 6.6 5.2 0.9 62.1

According to records and online sources, Claxton has turned a lot of fans and legends with his skills to his direction. Due to his phenomenal skills and looks, he has become one of the most loved and popular NBA players.

Nicholas Claxton injuries.

Every athlete in every game played on this planet always et injured once in a while. In 2020, Nicholas suffered a hamstring. The injury led to his transfer to the Long Island Nets. He missed the game in the 2019-20 season, and his injury was made public on June 24, 2020.

After surgery and rehab, he came back and played well until he got another injury on his knee. He suffered from Tendinopathy in his right knee. This means there was inflammation in the tendon on his Knees. Not treated well and fast, it can tear out the tendon.

He missed some games for the 2019 /20 season when he underwent surgery on his left shoulder. It was called arthroscopic labrum repair surgery.

Other injuries are not mentioned here, but we will update it.

Nicolas Claxton Summary Biography

Below is a summary of Nicolas Claxton’s Biography, including his net worth, jersey number, and relationships.

Date of Birth April 7th 1999
Full Name Nicolas Devir Claxton
Age 24 years
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Aries
Net worth 7 Million USD
Height 2.11 m
Weight 98 kg
Profession Pro Basketball Player
Position Center
Playing Career 2019 to present
League NBA
NBA team Brooklyn Nets
Other teams Long Island Nets
Jersey Number Thirty-Three (33)
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Parents Father: Charles Claxton

Mother: Nicole Claxton

Siblings One brother Chase Claxton
Birth Place Green Ville, South Carolina, United States.
Relationship Status Single
No of Children No children
High School Legacy Charter in Green Ville, South Carolina.
College Georgia from 2017 to 2019
Religion Christianity
Hair Colour Black
Eye Color Dark Brown

Nicholas Claxton Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Where and when was Nicholas Claxton born?

Nicholas Devir Claxton was born on April 7, 1999, in the United States in Green Ville, South Carolina. His Zodiac or Birth sign is Aries. He is one of the Celebrities born in the United States. Charles Claxton, his father, was also born in St Thomas in the United States. He has a brother Chase Claxton who is also a basketball player.

2. Who is dating Nicholas Claxton?

Nicholas Claxton, as of 2023, there is no record he is dating or seeing anyone. Also, his past life indicates that he is not dating anyone. His fans believe he has chosen to keep it on the low and will tell them when he is ready.

Some say he is focusing on his career, which is why he is making marvelous performances and setting up new records. He is avoiding distractions in relationships. It might be true because it is his dream, and he won’t let anyone interfere with it.

3. What is his net worth as of 2023?

As of 2023, his net worth is approximately 7 Million USD. His primary income sources are basketball salary, NBA contracts, and endorsement. He has not signed endorsement deals with big companies because he is still new in the NBA.

According to the analysis of his skills and performance, he will gain experience, and very soon, big companies will be looking for him.

He has not made any big investments, but he is still growing as one of the youngest and Richest Basketball players in the NBA.

4. Nicholas Claxton’s parents?

He was born to Mr. Charles Claxton and Nicole Claxton. There needs to be more information about Nicole Claxton online, but as for Charles, we know he is one of the Best basketball players in 1995/96. He played for the Boston Celtics briefly. He college basketball for Georgia.


Nicholas Claxton is one of the youngest basketball players in the NBA, and he is about to join the legends that came before him due to his phenomenal skills. Currently, he is not experienced within the NBA league, but according to online critics and fans’ comments, he has the potential to be the greatest.

According to analytics from the critics, he can be one of the greatest players. We expect much from the young champion of the NBA.

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