Yemi Alade Net Worth, Family, Age, and Biography (updated 2023)

Yemi Alade is a very talented and ambitious lady. She is a Nigerian Afropop songwriter, singer, actress, and activist. She is known for her excellent singing talent, and with that, she is amongst the most prominent African musicians.

She is popularly known as Yemi Alade, but her full names are Yemi Eberechi Alade.

She gained prominence in the music industry in 2014 after releasing her single hit “Johny,” a big hit song. Yemi Alade is also an excellent dancer and is captivating with dancing in her songs. As of now, her Net worth is 4.2 Milliom USD.

Yemi Alade Net Worth

Yemi Alade’s current net worth is 4.2 Milliom USD.

Let’s look at Ye’s net worth in the last five years.

Year Net Worth
2023 4.2 Milliom USD
2022 4 Million USD
2021 3.9 Million USD
2020 3.6 Million USD
2019 3.5 Million USD

Yemi Alade Net Worth Graph

Investment and Income Sources

Yemi ALde is known for her music industry which is her primary source of income. Apart from her earnings from the music industry, she also makes a living from other income sources.

Yemi earns from tours and international collaborations. Since she released her debut album, she has gone on four world tours promoting her album and singles. She has also been having very vibrant live performances.

Yemi Alade is more popular outside Nigeria since she has been performing many live performances in other countries, making a good amount of income. Some of the countries she has been performing in are Germany, Tanzania, France, and Malaysia.

Due to her hard work internationally, she has also been collaborating with international stars like Estelle and Beyonce in the Black king star album, Rick Ross and Angelique Kidjo. This has also made her to be earning lots of money.

Yemi Alade has also been having many brand endorsements locally and internationally that have made her a living and maintained her millionaire status.

She has endorsement deals with Globacom, shell, Luc Belaire, Barcardi Breezer, close up, Maybelline, and many other brands. She is also an ambassador of the United Nations Development Programme.

Yemi also got income from her television work. In 2017 and 2020, she was a coach at the voice of Nigeria. She has also been appearing in films that make her some good money, such as Black is King by Beyonce and like home, which is a movie.

Yemi also earns from youtube, where she uploads her songs and other content. Youtube has about 1.62 Million subscribers and 510 Million views.

In 2015 Yemi launched a jewelry collection in partnership with Bland 2 Glam. She also founded a clothing group in 2016, where she gave a fashion label known as the house of Tangerine. She opened the clothing in partnership with Iconic Insanity.

Early Life

On March 13, 1989, Yemi Alade was born in Nigeria to a Yoruba father from Ondo state in the southwest and an Igbo mother from Abia state in the east.

The stunning singer speaks Igbo, Yoruba, and French quickly. Five out of seven kids are named Yemi. There are three sisters and four brothers for her.

She completed her elementary schooling at Saint Saviour’s British Primary School in Lagos before continuing to Victory Grammar School in Lagos for her secondary education. The University of Lagos awarded her a geography degree in the end.

Yemi Alade began singing relatively young when she joined her church choir at twelve. As she was growing up, she performed both singing and dancing at numerous competitions.

Her passion for music was further stoked because she listened to popular songs from the late eighties and early nineties while growing up.

Because of the nature of her late father’s work as a police officer, the singer was forced to move around a lot. Her official music career began in 2005 with the short-lived all-girl combo “Noty Spices.” She competed in the top talent competition in 2009 and won; the event launched her into the spotlight and served as a stepping stone for advancing her career.

Music career

Yemi’s official music career began in 2005 with the short-lived all-girl combo “Noty Spices.” She competed in the top talent competition in 2009 and won; the event launched her into the spotlight and served as a stepping stone for advancing her career.

Following the performance, she put a song titled “Fimisile” with Eldee the Don on the Jus’ Kidding record label. She signed a contract with her current record company, fizzy music group, co-owned by her manager Taye Aliyu, in 2012.

She started to release new tracks under Effizzy Music Group, including “GhenGhen Love,” created by the late, successful music producer OJB Jezreel. Later that year, she released “Johnny,” which Selebobo produced, further increasing her reputation after the release of “Bambo” in 2013.

The song was influenced by Wizkid’s playboy anthem, “Caro,” and it continues to be Yemi’s most well-known success as it topped the charts in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, and the U.K.

Yemi created a French version of “Johnny” for her fans in French-speaking nations in response to the widespread demand for the song.

She collaborated with the renowned and extraordinarily gifted Nigerian director and cinematographer Clarence Peters to create a music video for the song starring the dashing Nollywood actor Alex Ekubo as “Johnny.”

The video initially had over 52 million views on YouTube. Still, as of July 2017, it had received 70 million views, making it the first video by an African woman to receive such a high number of arguments.

In 2014 she released her debut album known as ” kings of queens” where in this album, she toured Africa. This made her collaborate with other African artists in Swahili and french songs. The debut became so attractive to Africans because of the dances and costumes showing African culture.

In 2016 she released her second album, “Mama Africa,” which was also captivating, showing women in Africa and their lively culture.

Yemi Alade joined her professional peers WAJE, M.I. Abaga, and Timi Dakolo in 2014 to sing the UNESCO World Book Capital’s theme song as part of a mission to inspire young people to read and pursue education.

Yemi Alade songs

Yemi Alade is known for good music that primarily communicates about Africa and its culture. She has released various songs since she ventured into the music Industry. Here are her songs and collaborations with other artists.

She cooperated with several artists, including Psquare, Rotimi Keys, DJ Arafat, Eldee the Don, Sarkodie, AKA, and many more. She has appeared alongside Falz, the bad guy, and Poe in the humorous tune “Marry Me.”

Her hits include Want you(2016), Ferrari(2016), Africa with Saudi soul(2016), Tumbum (2016), Komkom with Flavour(2016), Classic girl(2015), Kofi Anan (2016), Johny (2013) and Femisile (2009).

Nominations and Awards

Numerous nominations for awards have been made for Yemi Alade. In 2015 and 2016, Alade won the MTV Africa Music Awards for Best Female. She accomplished a first by winning the prize twice for a female artist. Alade was also a candidate for the 2015 Artiste of the Year honor.

She was the first female Nigerian musician to be nominated for “Best African Act” at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2015. Additionally, in 2015 and 2016, Alade was a finalist for the BET Awards Best International Act.

Alade, well-known for her inventive theatrical antics, has twice won the Headies Award for Best Performer (in 2018 and 2019). The Independent Music Awards, SoundCity MVP Awards, Afrimma Awards, and other awards are just a few of the significant accolades that Alade has received around Africa.

Car Collection

Yemi Alade has a variety of high-end cars. One is Lexus GX 460- a very friendly and comfy car with leather interiors. This is Yemi’s favorite car since she moves around with it most of her time in Lagos. The car is worth $53,000.

She also owns a Mercedes Benz G wagon worth $ 130,900. God, do your own; for the most part, let’s enjoy how Yemi Alade captioned a photo she posted on Instagram to mark the arrival of this car. It includes MPG: Up to 13 cities/17 highways, and 416 to 577 horsepower.

Toyota Prado Suv- This vehicle was purchased in December 2019 in the Nigerian entertainment sector, where many people bought stunning cars to mark the holiday season. Yemi Alade, a celebrated female performer, didn’t want to end 2019 quietly, so she purchased this lovely automobile.

It is a full-size four-wheel-drive vehicle from the Land Cruiser lineup and has the following attributes. Toyota, a Japanese automaker, makes it. One of the more compact cars in the lineup is the Prado.

She also owns a Lamborghini HUrricane- Given that Yemi Alade is seen using it for both her photoshoot and video shoot, this is the most costly luxury vehicle we have seen her driving. The car costs $ 261,274.

Toyota Tundra track is also one of Yemi Blades’ car collections. When Yemi received it in 2018, she posted on Instagram, “my new baby just landed. I’m extremely thankful, Lord.” Since May 1999, the Japanese manufacturer Toyota has been producing the Toyota Tundra in the United States. It costs $33,575

The Tundra was the first full-size pickup truck produced in North America by a Japanese company. The Tundra was a finalist for the North American Truck of the Year honor and was named Truck of the Year by Motor Trend magazine in 2000 and 2008. These characteristics are present.


Yemi ALde once posted herself in a pink t-shirt with her legs wide open and captioned the picture ”Leg work like a pro” within a few hours, the image had gone viral all over social media, and Africans could not hesitate and show their admiration to her saying she looks sexy.

Yemi Alade once was posted on a flyer for a Uk telecommunications company known as Lebara Mobile. This caused controversy online since Yemi Alade wanted to sue the company for putting her in the pilot without her knowledge.

Yemi Alade, the queen of afro-pop, and renowned filmmaker Fidelis Duker are two Nigerian entertainers who have expressed displeasure with the Federal Government’s decision to look into the South African location of the Big Brother Naija, BBN, reality T.V. show.

The “Johnny” singer responded to the situation on Twitter. The artist asserts that the federal government shouldn’t investigate Big Brother Naija and that, if it does, it should publicly explain why it accidentally bombed an IDP camp.

Yemi Alade Biography Summary

Date of Birth March 13, 1989
Age 34
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Net worth  4.2 Milliom USD
Height 1.65m
Weight 69kg
Profession singer, songwriter, and dancer.
Nationality Nigerian
Parents James Alade (father) and Helen Uzoma Alade (mother)
Birth Place Abia State Nigeria
Relationship Status Single
No of Children None
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How old is Yemi Alade?

Yemi Alade’s Age is 34 years . She was born on March 13, 1989.

2. What is Yemi Alade’s net worth?

Yemi Alade has a net worth of 4.2 Milliom USD

Most of his net worth comes from brand endorsements and music tours.

3. Where did Yemi Alade study?

She studied at victor grammar school, Ikeja, during elementary school, and she later went to the University of Lagos to further her education.

4. Does Yemi Alade have a husband?

Currently, Yemi Alae is Single.


Yemi Alade is the second richest female artist in Africa. Her music career opened a door for numerous investment opportunities. Currently, Yemi has a Net worth of 4.2 Milliom USD.

The music industry is the most significant contributor to her net worth, estimated to be millions. Then her brand endorsements come in second.

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